My Dream to Become a Musician

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From a tender age, having heard stories about my grandfather’s career as a play-by-ear pianist, I have had a passion for music and determination to pursue a career as a musician. I first fell in love when I was four. That was the particular year my father signed me up for piano lessons. I still remember touching those ivory keys with reverence, feeling excited and happy that I would soon be playing like those sweet familiar melodies (my grandfather used to play) myself.

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“My Dream to Become a Musician”

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To my surprise, however, my teacher handed me a set of Beginner’s books instead of setting the score for Fur Elise on the piano that stood right in front of me. I had to read through the Book of Theory, learn to read the notes of bass and treble clefs, and practice. I remember how my palms arched as if an apple were cupped between my fingers, hitting pone, not at a time.

It took me a few years of theory and repetition before I received my first-full length classical piece, which was a sonatina by Muzio Clementi. I diligently followed the laid down directives of the composer and practiced the new piece every day. I played each staccato note crisply and hit every crescendo and each decrescendo dutifully. I performed the piece gracefully for my teacher and lifted my hands with triumph and flourish after I was done. However, instead of my teacher clapping, she gave me a serious look and took my hands in hers.My dear, music, she said,is not just memorization or fingers. It’s not just technique. It comes from the heart.

That is how I discovered my passion for music and arts.

Having worked tirelessly to gain practical and academic experience, in the field, I’m confident enough that I possess the ability to pursue and succeed at graduate level. In school, I have performed exemplarily in a range of subjects. I showed my ability and motivation by taking my high-school diploma months early. I have best performed particularly in musically related subjects.

During the high school years, I played the piano in church services and attended major rallies where I got the opportunity to share my talent and sing to the audience while playing the piano. To spice up things for myself and the congregation, I took to experimenting, where I paired the written melodies with harmonies and chords of my creation. I seldom played a song the same manner twice; the splendor songwriting, of improvisation, is that it impacts as muchfeeling as it is logic. From then onwards, I deeply fell in love with music as an art, and the passion grew daily. It was then when I realized that the foundation on good songwriting and improvisation was simple, and it all required determination and the will to achieve. As much as I enjoy and would like to pursue music, it has been part of me. It defines who I am, and how I see things in life.

As with anyone pursuing a career in the field, studying music theory and various instruments has established a significant element of my extra-curricular activities. My main instrument now is the alto saxophone, in which I have attained a distinction with an A. My passion for woodwind instruments stretches from playing the clarinet, for which I achieved a B, with my broader interest allowing me to attain a B music theory and a B+ in piano.

It is sharing my love of music with others and performing that has deeply inspired me. Also, I have taken every opportunity to acquire experience where possible. Currently, I am the principle saxophonist in various local orchestras. Moreover, I fill in the role of a principal clarinetist where necessary. This experience has offered me the opportunity to perform in a wide range of contexts and venues, including concerts at numerous fundraising events and Symphony Hall. I also play a range of smaller bands within my community, covering every type of venue and performance, from busking to the residential homes. I have begun playing with a functional band more recently, covering bass sections in a range of covers. By broadening my experience in various styles, it has improved my arrangement abilities by practicing the relevant portions from the recordings by ear.

I feel as though some of the life experiences have more than ever, prepared and propelled me to pursue a graduate degree in a large, diverse institution, like the Campus in question. I have previously attended a very small school, which was great. However, I wanted to meet people and work with them in a bigger setting where it will give me more opportunities. Moreover, since I was taking a dual degree major, (voice and music ed.) it was nice, but it was hard at the same time. So, by applying to this school for a voice major only, I want to focus on singing, and see where my limits are. I do find joy in teaching, kids, but I want to give myself a chance to share the joy in performing with the audience. As with any major, I am well aware that time management, passion and the ability to organize myself can pay off more than anyone would ever imagine.

The school is famous for offering a high quality unique blend of intellectual and practical study. I would love to be part of the fraternity in which I will receive an introduction to musicology and the music industry at a specialist level while laying a firm foundation for my career in these and other related areas. I desire to be an imaginative, well-informed and technically sophisticated musician, who can adapt to a wide range of present and future technological and societal advancements. I am competent that this experience will give me a top-notch experience in teamwork, effective communication and individual motivation among other transferable skills sought after by employers.

While my love for music may dominate both my extra-curricular and educational activities, I also find time to incorporate my desire to play an essential role in my community by arranging regular fundraising events. I also have a passion for traveling, with a boundless curiosity about the world, having traveled to various countries both with family and school.

As my achievements in the field suggest, I am a dedicated and hardworking student with the ability, drive, and passion to make a real contribution as a musician. Having worked hard to attain the relevant academic knowledge to ensure that I can perform unquestionably throughout my graduate study, I believe that my skill in performing and sharing my enthusiasm with others by singing, playing and teaching, that will keep motivating me to achieve my targets and goals in the field.

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