Dream, Learn, Do: Insipid or Inspirational?

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An Inspirational Motto? Upon first hearing Sierra College's motto, “Dream, Learn, Do,” a strong urge to roll one's eyes ought to be suppressed. However, if its initial hokeyness is overlooked, the motto does provide practical significance. True, not all of us will meet out childhood dreams of traveling in space, or walking the red carpet, but how did those who fly to the moon and make summer blockbusters get where they are? The pop singer Lady Gaga has a career most young women would love to emulate. Gaga's success came from her dream to perform, her determination to learn her art, and the practice of that education and perseverance to actually do what she wanted with her life. Lady Gaga's huge success did have meager beginnings. Before her fame, she was known as Stephanie Germanotta. Her aspirations to be an incredible musician and performer almost seemed to be natural, as she learned to play the piano at age four. Gaga has said that she always wanted to be an artist, as if it were her destiny. Often, a person's goals are shaped by their own personalities. This was the case for Gaga, as her inspiration came from within. When her family recognized this passion in their Stephanie, her parents worked hard to help support her when she decided to seriously pursue a career in the music industry. Once this decision was made, Gaga knew that the path to her goal would require persistence, talent, and practical education. Gaga took her dream seriously, and did educate herself. As a teenager, she constantly practiced for singing and dancing on stage by performing at open mikes. In high school, she was a theater star in musicals, while pushing herself academically. However, just receiving a regular education wouldn't be enough for her to become the star she is today. At seventeen, she finally was accepted to New York's Tisch School of the arts, where she could begin a true musical education. Gaga studied music and songwriting, and also took an interest in other arts and social studies. However, Gaga left school before graduation so she could take what she had been learning and practicing since she was an infant and focus on her musical career. After learning a craft and excelling in it, the idea is to use what has been learned. Not everyone get this chance right away though. Not all law students are offered jobs or internships right after finishing law school, and Lady Gaga did not instantaneously become famous. Going out and doing her dream meant going out and doing it, no matter what or where. Gaga was only a music producer behind the scenes upon her first break into the industry, but she wanted more than that. Gaga sang and danced at plenty of obscure clubs until finally being noticed on stage at the Lollapalooza Festival. After that, producers wanted to be the ones behind the scene on what would eventually become her world wide, critically acclaimed album, “The Fame Monster. ” Lady Gaga worked every step of the way to hear her name chanted in stadiums, and star in music videos with Beyonce as her sidekick. Lady Gaga's story is no fairy tale. No one handed her fame and fortune on a silver platter. She worked hard to make her mark, and although may never even have thought of it, she did dream, learn and do. Lady Gaga's success may not repeat itself in our lives, but she is living proof that dreams are attainable with the right drive to get there.
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