My Dream Job is to Become a Chef

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My name is Kenneth Jerome Verrette, I am 23 years of age. I am currently attending The Art Institute of Dallas acquiring my Associates in Applied Science under Culinary Arts. I was always in the kitchen as a kid. I love to cook a variety of foods. There have only been a handful of dishes that I have prepared that were not up to par. I chose to take a cooking class in high school over other electives.

So let see as to why I was destined to become a chef from a child. I love to cook. Growing up, I would always be in the kitchen, and it didn’t matter as to whose house that I was in. I would always ask if there was something that I could do to help out. I remember one Thanksgiving when I was at my Grandmother’s house and it was my job to make the mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. I think that was some of the most fun that I have had in the kitchen. It ended up being the hit of the evening. When I got out of high school I didn’t touch the cooking side of things for a couple of years. I actually specialized in weapons and missiles while I was in the military. But when I got out because I got disabled I knew that I had to go to school because I couldn’t sit behind a desk again.

I had done that before and I knew that I couldn’t sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day or more, I needed to be active. The day that I went to look into enrolling into this school, the individual gave me a tour of the school. When we got back to his desk and I knew that I was going to enroll and I signed the papers and knew that I just entered the career that I was destined to be in. I love to cook. I have cooked many of different dishes from around the world and I am always interested in new dishes to cook at home with my girlfriend. It is always fun cooking something new and tasting it for the first time after it has been prepared. I go out to eat occasionally and the food is good but there is something better about eating at home something that I have prepared myself.

I would much rather cook at home 3 meals a day than go out to eat. When I was in my sophomore year in high school, I was asked to take an elective and I remember seeing the cooking class on the paper. I remember saying to myself that was the class that I was going to take before I had even looked at the other classes that there were to offer. The whole time that I took that class I had a blast. I remember when we had to make something and bring it in to class for everyone to taste. I made chocolate pancakes that had chocolate chips in them because I knew that I could make them well and they were my favorite. When I brought them into class they were eaten up within minutes of being uncovered. It made me very pleased knowing that they were that good. As you can see from a child I was destined to become a chef. From all of the times of being in a kitchen, from the class that I took in high school, to getting out of the military and enrolling in this school. I just couldn’t get away from the kitchen. Cooking it was my career from the start.

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