The Qualities that Inspire me to Pursue my Dream of Owning a Bakery

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“Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express not to impress.” (Unknown)

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“The Qualities that Inspire me to Pursue my Dream of Owning a Bakery”

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This quote is exactly what I work for and try to achieve every day. I think of myself as someone who is organized and disciplined, while also being a warm, kind hearted soul with a passion to bake. Along with the qualities of staying focused and being deliberative and scared at times, I try and bring all of these qualities together to work as one to make myself as well developed and well-rounded as possible. All of these qualities inspire me to pursue my dream job, of owning a bakery.

I am someone who is very organized; I enjoy cleaning and keeping my space neat and tidy. I am also someone who is greatly disciplined, meaning, I like my world to be ordered and planned. I make routines and deadlines to keep structure in my life because it gets things done and makes me feel in control of the situation. Other characteristics that I obtain would be warm and kind hearted. I love to listen to others and give advice when I can. I hate fighting and arguing with people. I am someone who finds joy in taking care of close family and friends and being someone to go to when they are in need of help. I can be scared at times, though, too and seek for advice in others. I am terrible at making decisions and find it much easier when the decisions are made for me. Quite often I get scared about my future dreams and worry I will not achieve my goal of opening my own bakery, I love to bake and I want to own a bakery because I also find the business side of it interesting. I worry I will have to work at some job I despise and will not be able to give the support to my family that it needs. I try my best to focus on my strengths and not my negative characteristics because I know that the stronger my positive characteristics get the weaker my negatives will become.

Lastly, I think of myself as someone who is focused and deliberative. I am focused on my school work and try my best to not only finish my work on time, but even try and get ahead in school so that I am well prepared for my future. I do these things so if something were to come up or an obstacle is thrown in my way I am ready to face it and have the time to take care of what is a hand without worrying about school work that needs to be done. Being deliberative makes me serious, and approach life with a reserve. I need order in my life, like I have previously stated. I enjoy planning ahead so that I can anticipate anything that could potentially go wrong. By realizing all of these strengths and weaknesses it has helped me use them to my advantage. I try my best to do things my way but still do them the way they are asked. I understand, not everyone is organized and as crazy as I am when it comes to getting things done a certain way, so that is something I want to try and work on so I can get along better with those around me. I have also learned, in order to overcome my negative characteristic of always being scared, I have to put myself out there and take risks. By joining clubs and networking and learning the right material here at Illinois State, I will achieve in my future goals as long as I believe in myself and my abilities I know I have what it takes to succeed not only at Illinois State but also in my career. This is not something that is going to be handed to me, and I know that. I am prepared to work and do what it takes to achieve my dreams.

The career I hope to pursue is to own my own bakery/ coffee shop. I love to bake and find the business side of the industry very interesting. Everyone always says “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” That is exactly what I plan on doing. Baking calms me down and inspires me, while coffee is a necessity. The reason I want to own my own bakery/ coffee shop is because money is also something that is important to me. It takes the stress off of many situations and helps provide the best for you and your family. Another reason I wish to own a bakery is because I love to take charge and be a leader. Like I mentioned before, I love to be organized and have things done a certain way. By owning my own bakery it allows me to do things my own way and stay organized. Some challenges that I am prepared to take on would be failing. Even though I hate saying it, I know that failing is a possibility. Bakeries are not exactly popular anymore unless you live in a larger city. That is why I have the idea of it also being a coffee shop. Everyone drinks coffee and there is nothing better than going to an original small coffee shop and having coffee made by a real barista then going to the nearest Starbucks and having to wait in line for a 19 year old kid that just got hired to make your Grande non-fat vanilla latte with two pumps of pumpkin spice and one pump of cinnamon dolce; when you could easily come into a small bakery/ coffee shop, have whatever kind of latte you would like made from a highly trained baristas and even have a nice homemade treat to go along with it. With this plan I hope my coffee shop/ bakery will have what it takes to succeed. I also know, along with owning a bakery there is the challenge of long hours. In order to own a bakery you have to bake everything the night/morning of so that everything is fresh for your customers. There is also the challenge of tough decisions, which I am not good at making. Like I stated before, this is something I know I will have to try and get better at. I will make my positives and negative characteristics fit into my career and even help advance my career.

My positive and negative characteristics can help my career in many ways. Being organized, focused, and disciplined will help me stay on track and prepared for any obstacles that my fall in my path. It will also help me because I will set deadlines and make a routine for when things need to be complete. Being deliberative will allow me to plan ahead and be ready for different orders that may have to be done at the same time. Also, my love for baking will be easy in helping my career because, hopefully, it will never feel like I am really working because I will be enjoying what I do so much. By being warm and kind hearted it will help me be understanding of my employees and will making me willing to work around their needs and wants. Last of all, my negative characteristic of being scared will help me because it will push me out of my comfort zone and will make me want to try new things and take new risks.

To conclude, I hope that all of my strengths and weakness of being organized, focused, deliberative, disciplined, kind, and scared can all come together and make my dream career of, owning a bakery/coffee shop come true, sky-rocketing. I will work with my strengths and weaknesses and try and incorporate them as best as possible into my future career. Lastly, I would like to quote a song that I believe has some great advice to give, “My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small, you never need to carry more than you can hold, and while you’re out here getting where you’re going to, I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too” (Flatts). This quote from the song “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts is very powerful and it is something that I hope I can use as a compass to keep myself on track. I want to try and keep my worries small and enjoy the little things in life. I also know whatever struggles I may be facing at the time there is always someone who is facing a much larger battle and I need to be thankful for where god as taken me and what he has in store for me next.

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