My Dream Job as an Ob/Gyn Specialist

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An Ob/gyn is one that delivers babies and also deal with the women’s reproductive parts. When asking someone how they became interested in their major, most people say that they became interested because someone they know is in their major. Well I first became interested in working in the medical field while watching Greys Anatomy. There are other important reasons I want to become an Ob/Gyn, like working with babies has been one of my dreams for a long time, and sometimes they have to save babies lives which would be awesome. Being an ob/gyn would be a great job because it is very interesting, and it comes with very good benefits.

Before becoming an ob/gyn one will get a doctoral or professional degree (BLS). One would also have to complete an exam to get an ob/gyn license. When first getting the job, one would have to go through 3-7 years of a residency program, then through an internship (BLS). Some skills that one needs to have to be an ob/gyn is “communication...compassion… dexterity...leadership… organization…problem solving” (BLS). Some summer jobs one could do to get more skills or references is job shadowing an ob/gyn, or even volunteering at a local hospital. It's pretty easy to become one because it's in high demand or faster than average (BLS).

When first hired, one would start a residency, or internship. The environment one could be working in is at offices, hospitals, working for the government, one could even be working in homes as a midwife. One would work with people, patients, and other doctors. Ob/gyns work full time, long overnight hours. The salary range for being an ob/gyn can be anywhere from $187,540 - $265,990 (BLS). Some things that could cause stress to one in this field is the dead babies or mothers. People in this field get evaluated by the Head of Chief.

Some advantages to being an ob/gyn is the money that comes with the job and doing a job that one loves. Some disadvantages are that one could go into a lot of debt after med school and the stress or even the pressure one could be under. The growth rate is 13% (BLS). An advancement one could take from being an ob/gyn is becoming a midwife, which is an ob/gyn that comes to one’s home and delivers the baby or babies there. The top job in becoming some sort of physician is an anesthesiologist. More schooling is the training and qualifications needed for becoming an anesthesiologist.

Based on the above information I am definitely suited for this career because I love to deal with babies. I also love helping people out. I could even sometimes save lives which has been my dream for so long. I already have a lot of the skills needed for this job which is a pretty good start in the right direction. All I need to do is get good grades for the rest of high school and to stay positive, and I will make it.

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