Describing what my Dream Job would Look Like

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My dream job is what I see myself doing in 12 or so years. Right after graduation, I’d like to work in a few different recording studios to gain the experience I’ll need for when I’m attacking the audio industry solo. I’d like to move around, see different studios, learn how other people work, and then compile everything into one giant list. Then I will be able to see what works best for me. After gaining all of this insight, I could then begin the next phase of my career, which would be my dream job.

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“Describing what my Dream Job would Look Like”

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For this dream job, I would like to own my own home recording studio, but have it be in a separate building next to my actual house. It could be something along the lines of a converted barn or large shed or so. My job title would be along the lines of Audio Recording Engineer. As for location, I would like to stay in the Midwest, somewhere either in Northwest Ohio, or really anywhere in Michigan. I would like to live in the suburbs though, so I would actually have a place for the studio in my own backyard.

When it comes to responsibilities, every last thing would fall on my shoulders alone. It would be me who scheduled recording times, edited the sessions, took care of the equipment, took out the trash, advertised, and everything in between. I have always loved being a well-rounded guy, and being the sole person who keeps everything alive and running is the type of challenge that I live for. In fact, I thrive off of it. Yes, it may get a little hectic at times, but there’s definitely never a dull moment, which is exactly what I like.

For the required experience, a bare minimum of at least a bachelor’s degree in audio production is required. Any additional education is extremely helpful too, especially in the fields of music, technology, or business. Previous audio related ventures, such as live soundboard operation and pervious studio work, as well as any past business experience is always a good plus as well. Extra certificates in audio training would also be beneficial. All in all, as long as you are capable of working your way around Pro Tools and can make a good mix, that is all that is truly required. However, when you can truly bring life to a session, and truly bring out the beauty of a piece of music, just by the way you recorded it, that’s when you’re a true audio engineer, and that’s what I’m aiming to be.

There will be a multitude of technologies needed, as well as skills. On the  technology side, Pro Tools is the main player. I’ll also need a multitude of recording equipment; microphones, monitors, direct boxes, microphone stands, quarter inch cords, etc. There will also be other programs utilized, like Native Instruments’ MASCHINE and Ableton, as well as hundreds of effect plugins. There are too many things to list, but my studio will be equipped and ready for any challenge thrown at it.

For the skills needed, people skills are a must. The ability to interact with many different people from many different walks of life is huge, since there will be so many different types of people who will want to record so many different types of audio; music, audio books, voiceovers, etc. Time management is also an extremely helpful skill to have. Since I will be the only person who works there, I will have to be able to set up all recording appointments. I will have to give myself the time needed to record each client, as well as the appropriate amount of time needed while working on editing the sessions. I would be willing to work with anyone, from ten year old girls recording vocal covers of “Frozen”, to full scale 50+ piece orchestras. However, my top group of people to work with, who I would work with everyday if I could, would be bands. I love working with and recoding the traditional four/five piece “rock” band. I love doing it because instrument wise, all you really need to record are the drums, guitars, bass, and vocals.

However, that’s just the bare minimum. I love experimenting and adding, say, a little piano lick here or mandolin chord there. With rock bands, you can always add something just a little “out there”, and most of the time, it will give you one of the coolest results ever. That’s why I would work with bands producing original music 24/7 if I could.

For the work environment, I would like it to be as “non-hectic” as possible. Family is my number one concern, even before my professional life. I would drop everything in a heartbeat for my family. That’s why I want to own my own studio and work my own hours; I like being in control, so I can change and rearrange and adjust to whatever happens in life. I’ll work with anyone and everyone who’s professional, but I prefer to work alone, which is why I will be the only person who actually works at the studio. Not too much travel will be involved here, but a little every now and then wouldn’t hurt. As far as experimentation goes, it’s a must for me. I want to be open ended. That way, the possibilities are endless. My dominant personality color is blue. For the other three colors, there are both advantages and disadvantages to working with them. When it comes to orange, an advantage would be that both colors are extremely passionate in their endeavors. A disadvantage would be that while blues prefer calm, oranges thrive in competition. Both blue and gold are responsible and loyal, but gold may spend too much time worry about others, and not themself. Finally, when it comes to green, both blue and green like consistency and harmony. However, people with green as a primary color may be too self reflective for a blue’s liking.

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