My Childhood Dream

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Welcome to Fatima Elmaleh Pharmacy, something young me would always say playing with family and friends. Since I was very little I would play pharmacy with friends, and I was always Dr. Fatima the pharmacist, I would hear the patients aka my friends and make them a medicine that would make them feel better on the spot. Growing up I dreamt about becoming a pharmacist, and I had that dream with the desire of helping people out, not because of the monetary value and the amount of money received in this career. It was just out of the desire to help, make people feel better, and happier too.

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“My Childhood Dream”

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A lot of people dream about changing the world, but a big majority of those people don’t want to go through all the things that it takes to make that change. The process of becoming a pharmacist is fairly lengthy. To practice pharmacy, you would have to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree which is about 4 year of school, and before you do so you have to maintain really high grades in undergraduate related courses.

You can also get into Pharm D. programs after only 2-3 years of undergraduate school, but you can also choose to earn your bachelors degree first which makes the education period 8 years total. That easy? The undergraduate school then I go to Pharm.D. program. Well, bad news in order to get into a Pharm.D. program you have to take an admission test called the PCAT, and that alone consists of 6 different sections and is approximately 4 and a half hours.

All this process is the number one reason why people that want to pursue a pharmaceutical career change their mind, but in the end, hard work will pay off. The average Pharmacist makes about $124,170 per year, and that’s not even the highest. The highest paid Pharmacist makes more than $157,950 a year, even the lowest paid pharmacists are paid big bucks, we are talking $90,000 a year. So yes it is a long and tough road, but in the end, it truly does pay off.

Pharmacists don’t just need to know how to count and bottle pills. It is true that Pharmacists do give you medications that the doctor orders, but they also work directly with patients and physicians to assign the right medication, and that requires both social and analytical skills. Also, they need to have a great memory with all the different drugs, and their side effects so they can instruct patients and what medicines to take, time and doses that they should take as well, and this requires memorization and counseling skills. A key skill that is necessary to becoming a successful Pharmacists, is the interest in continuing education. They must keep up with all the new research done related to the field.

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