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In the first video we are introduced to the Brujas founder who explains her experience in the skating activities. She shows that she has two stitches close to her eyes as well as the injuries on her elbows. All these injuries are as a result of falling down especially during the training before one gets used to it. To her skateboarding is like flying and the founder says that she could not have been healthy without it. Skateboarding is said to have revolutionary energy which makes it less cool as it is heteronormative and patriarchal. The founder of Brujas also explains that at first, she was critical about it as they were things exclusive sort of especially to women. The reason as to why she founded Brujas is that she was inspired by the collective males who underground the New York City scene around her.

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According to her Brujas is Primarily Latina and indigenous black women from New York City. Therefore Brujas is collective of female skates that are based in the Bronx. Brujas is actually a Spanish word for ‘witches’ and this is the idea of women occupying space in the street culture. Skating is a radical thing as several people from all walks of life is seen skating in the streets. Brujas group also organize community events such as swimming, events for the youth, planting of plant herbs in their own botany, especially on Saturdays. To the founder of this group, she has found it an amazing thing to her as it enables her to meet people from different regions and get to know what they think about the world the same as her and this is the reason why they skate every day.

South Bronx is actually the poorest district in the US. This is depicted by the amount of garbage lying everywhere in the street apart from the ones on the dumping site. Many of the people in this district are unemployed as one of the ladies explains how she really needs a job but she just hopes that the government or those who are responsible for that will do something for them in order to meet their daily basic requirements. The dumping of industrial waste in the district has escalated the effect of asthma among the locals to 60%. The funds that should have been used to manage this waste end up in the pockets of those who have obligation of carrying out the policies in the region or the funds are used for other projects of the rich people for example one of the residences explains how a lot of funds were used to build a park around there instead of using the funds to better the lives of the poor. Several shops have closed in the South Bronx due to people living below poverty level hence may not be in a position to purchase any commodity offered in the stalls. The poverty in the area has led to anti-social behaviors among the residence which include prostitution, crime, and drug abuse. We are told also that several years ago it was an abandoned area but as the great divide between the rich and the poor, the poor found their residence here. Despite many policies that have been put in place the people in South Bronx have been left without any improvement.

The third video is a young artist who made to the met. This young artist who happens to be a male appreciates his mentors. On arrival at the met, he sees many other artists on training and the comments that being an artist needs a lot of training just like an the met the young artists are audience by a group of professional would best musicians so that they get exposure to their career. The coaches are well dedicated to their work. The artists are trained by their coaches on several matters as the young artist explains that you are being thought on various vocals, languages, and styles of singing.

He continues to say that the only way to sing actually is by doing it several times and getting exposure to various types of audience in order to manage stage fright. All training is provided to ensure that the artist gets the best out of the training. This young artist has built established different relationships with different people that he has met including the artist crew, his hair stylists, and his family as he tells us that he is married has a child whom he hopes that will look up to him. the artist is also complemented that he really has a wonderful singing voice that is the reason why he actually made it to the met because we are informed that the artist who makes to this place are the ones who have been heard by the greatest professionals. The artist has a lot of hope and wishes that the other artists who are out there will find time to encourage other young artists who might be out of reach.

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