LeaderShip Skills, Motivational Essay, Networking Essay

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Leadership skills

I believe that leadership skills are important in ensuring that people are able to exploit their full potential. As a leader, I should manage to provide a clear direction for the people following me to help them achieve their academic, departmental, and personal goals. In other words, a good leader is a mentor who uses their resources to help the people around them. I have held the position of a leader throughout my academics as I always managed to come 1st or 2nd in the ranking. I used this opportunity to help my fellow classmates who were weak in other subjects. I formed discussion groups were during the weekends we would meet and tackle the challenging units before an examination.

Moreover, I have worked in the telemarketing company for over four 4 years in the position of senior sales executive. In this position, I have subordinates who depend on me to provide them with departmental goals and at times directions on how to navigate their own sales target. As a leader, I have learned that people are different and at times it is important to provide each employee with advice that will help them. In the sales team that I oversee, we carry out monthly meetings that are semi-formal. This provides the employees with an opportunity to share their challenges and eliminate any hierarchical barriers. This makes me as a leader to be approachable and helps me decide which advice to give to each of them with respect to their targets.

Furthermore, I teach android to a group of 28 female students. In my capacity as a teacher, I believe that I also serve as a leader. I provide the students not only with academic, but also the social knowledge that will help them to succeed in life. Finally, I believe that I have the following skills that make me a good leader, communication, listening, relationship building, visionary, intelligent among others.

Networking essay

Networking deals with forming formidable relationships that will help one either in their social or business life. In my 4 years of working in the telemarketing, industry I have managed to establish a connection that has been essential in my progressive as the Senior sales executive. I engage in networking during the company functions in-house and when I am invited to industry functions.

I also engaged in networking for the 6months that I worked as an intern. I worked as an intern at Mega IT solutions as an Android developer. In my position, I managed to meet professionals in the field who provided me with suitable advice with respect to computer science. The advice helped me pass all my theoretical projects in my Bachelor of Computer Science. In addition, my networking helped me to find a job as a teacher after my internship. I teach a group of 28 female students android development. I find teaching fulfilling and I love the aspect of inspiring the young ladies to become professionals in the field.

Moreover, I also networked in my school environment with my fellow students and instructors. The connections that I established helped me to succeed in my academics as I will graduate with a 3.91 GPA out of 4. Moreover, I am looking forward to the silver medal in the convocation. Additionally, my horizons have been widened as a result of interactions with my instructors who have advanced their education beyond a Bachelor degree. I plan to pursue my higher level of education abroad and I am certain that my networking skills will be essential. The networking skills that I have developed compounded with other factors will help me to fit in my new environment.

Motivational essay

Motivation is about inspiring other people to become the best they can be in their fields. In my position as a teacher, I teach android to 28 female students. I often encourage them to work hard to succeed in the computer science field that is male-dominated as they will inspire other young females. At times I tell them social life stories of female students who excelled in the field to help them work hard despite the hurdles that they encounter in the field.

In addition, motivation takes different forms in different situations. At the workplace, where I am a senior executive I motivate my employees by giving them monetary and non-monetary rewards. Monetary rewards include a salary increment or a bonus in their salaries when they supersede their set targets. On the other hand, the non-monetary rewards are recognition at the workplace and vacations to give them time to rejuvenate. This makes the employees work hard to make sure that the organization prospers.

Furthermore, in my position as a leader, I also get motivated by the people around me. The people I interact with on a daily basis inspired me to exploit my full potential. This has contributed to me working hard in my academics and achieving a 3.91 GPA out of 4. I would like to continue my education abroad after I graduate with a Silver medal at the upcoming convocation. My friends, colleagues, work, and academic achievement has motivated me to make the decision to venture into new horizons.

I believe that motivation is a two-way coin which results in a win-win situation. I have motivated my colleagues and students to aim higher in everything they do. They have also replicated by succeeding in everything that we have worked together. Their actions to overcome their challenges have motivated me to move from the familiar to the unfamiliar as I set my eyes on advancing my education abroad.

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