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Information Interview Introduction Interview is the best tool among all the tools of the selection process, as it helps the interviewer to know about the interviewee. It enables the interviewer to observe and listen carefully to what an interviewee answers. Through this, more information could be collected Information Interview An information interview is a meeting that is scheduled with a particular individual for the purpose of gaining current or particularized information. It helps in assessing the process of choosing an academic career, changing careers or beginning a job hunt (Information Interviews Guide, 2007). The information interviews help in exploring the possibilities. Information interviews are different from Job Interviews. An information interview is arranged with those who are likely to provide information directly (Information Interviews Guide, 2007). Generally, it is the most valuable source of occupational information. The informational interview communicates the first hand experiences and impressions of someone in the occupation, and is directed by some questions. An informational interview is less stressful. Information broker The information broker or sub conductor, which I have chosen is Mr. Cheruliam D. Hull. He is a senior faculty member in one of the Universities of the US. He belongs to the educational industry. I have chosen him because he can give the full and valuable information for the job hunting and career planning (Conducting an Information Interview, 2001). It’s a good way to check the reality that I have read, heard, and thought about that university and person. I told him that the whole procedures would take a half hour time duration and is going to be very formal (Doyle, 2008). The information interview was conducted to learn about the particular organization, how the new person might fit in and what problems do the new employer has in the new job? (Information Interviews Guide, 2007). Interview questions In general, people are interested in talking about what they do and how they manage it. I was prepared and also knew my skills, values and subjects of my interests. I was able to relate them to the career field. I had fully analyzed the person whom I was going to interview like his career areas, organization, etc (Conducting an Information Interview, 2001). I had prepared the list of questions. The questions asked to Mr. Hull were:

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  • Tell us something about your family.
  • What is your educational background?
  • What are the skills/qualifications required for a specific job?
  • Is there any future growth in the career field? (Information Interviews Guide, 2007).
  • Why do you want to join this company? How will your service benefit them?
  • What are the toughest problems you have dealt with?
  • What are the salary range and job responsibilities of the different job you are planning?
  • How would you describe the typical days on the job?
  • How were you informed about the new Job?
  • What according to you is the right time to change the job?

Interview session The interview conducted with Mr. Hull was very formal. He gave the answers in a very detailed manner and politely. He was giving the answer more specifically and clearly. In the mean time, he also suggested me to adopt some different areas, which have good scope in future. He guided me that it is important to change the job and profile timely to achieve the future growth (Conducting an Information Interview, 2001). He stated that it is important to develop new networks because if the networks are carefully constructed through relatively high stakes behavior; it would lead to a diverse group of people. According to him, many times, the personal networks are highly clustered due to the personal resonance (Conducting an Information Interview, 2001). He elucidated that the networking is one of the most important activity that is required. If any job seeker is not good in maintaining the network, he/she needs to be master in searching the job. The reason is that in vast majority, the job openings are never advertised. Job-seekers have to develop a network of contacts, a career network that can provide knowledge, information, and job leads. In the interview, various misconceptions regarding the jobs were cleared (Conducting an Information Interview, 2001). While conducting the interview, Mr. Hull gave some references. These references helped me to know about the nature of the universities and services provided by them. The references, which Mr. Hull gave, were the director, Mr. French. C. Looper and friend Thompson Bell (Information Interviews Guide, 2007). After taking the interview of Hull, I went to the Looper and Thompson and collected some information regarding Hull such as why he wants to switch the job and how good is he in maintaining work contacts and network? Hull, the faculty member was very happy in giving the interview. He gave all the information in detail and a clear way. He was enjoying the interview session and also gathered some information related to me (Information Interviews Guide, 2007). He checked my resume and asked some questions regarding myself. He suggested me that for the growth, it is necessary that there are some changes. It is important for the individuals to adapt changes. References Conducting an Information Interview, (2001). Retrieved Doyle, A. (2008). Informational Interview. Retrieved June 16, 2008 from Information Interviews Guide, (2007). Retrieved June 16, 2008 from  

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