Career Path Interview

1.If you are currently employed is it in your desired career?If you are not currently working what is your desired career?

A: I am currently working as a Web Developer.Well, that is one of my desired designation in my career.I wanted to gain strong hands-on with Web Applications development which helps in working on tricky coding.

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“Career Path Interview”

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Apart from that my interest of area also covers the Information security technology.I am more interested in learning the defense techniques in depth for Web Applications security and also like to deal with the security threats or Web Application vulnerabilities. My course i.e information system security helps me to explore more and I wish to setup my career in securites domain in future.

2.What has been your career path up until now?

A: My interest in IT development for multiple applications never left me. I started working for a reputed IT company after my undergraduation course.

My area of work was not in development initially.But still I managed to migrate to development wing of the company after showing my practical experience in development of applications which I earned by working for smaller projects during my undergarduate course of study.Then I pursued my masters degree in computer science and worked to gain some experience in different technologies by working for multiple applications. At present, I joined in the course as am interested in learning Informations System securities. I wanted to go for next level in my career and in order to achieve it I need to be enough experienced in multi-technologies.

3.What do you like most about your job? Explain If you are not currently employed,what has been your favorite job that you’ve had in the past? Explain?

A. The most exciting thing of my job is multi-tasking.This multi-tasking is almost common in every job but here my point of excitement is I am being involved for multi-platform projects which are close to my experience and knowledge.Apart from my domain of technology I learn new things in different projects and my excellent team always helped me in learning. We always take challenges of developing and testing the things in multi- platform.

In past job I worked on same technology for long time but still managed to learn new things simultaneously by pair programming process. That was one main excited thing in my past project.

4.If absolutely no obstacles stood in the way of your achieving it,what would you most like to attain in your career?

A. Mostly it is rare to find out the career without obstacles.It was same with me as I had some barriers in my career path.If there were no obstacles in my way then I would have been in the highest designation for a company with good fat salary.

But still at present, I managed to be in a good position of my career with all my hard-work and support from my well-wishers!

5.Where would you like to be in your career in 5 years? In 10 years? In 15 years?

A. I always aimed for the highest designation in my career but wanted to achieve step-by-step which gives me a satisfaction for all my hardwork. In next five years, I would like to be a strong security Engineer.

This five years helps me to explore more in this domain and makes me more strong in my skill.

And the next level of my career i.e after 10 years I want to become a security director.If not, I will reach for a strong security Architect level of designation. Though it may not be the final designation of my career but still after 15 years I want to aim for a CHIEF INFORMATION SECURITY OFFICER(CISO) position. An Organization security is the foremost concern for the CISO and it would be the very big responsibility for the career. And apart from all the technological stack, I wanted to acquire good communication skills through practical training course which makes my life easier and simple with good communication.

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