Culteral Event Impact Interview

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Over the history, there have been various cultural revolutions that have impacted the lives of the people. Cultural Revolution entails a change that impacts the way people in culture lead their lives. Some people feel some cultural revolution played a critical role in their lives than others. In this regard, the following discussion is a cultural event impact interview highlighting the view of two individual who feels some of the cultural revolutions played a crucial role towards changing their societies. This discussion is highlighted into two parts.

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“Culteral Event Impact Interview”

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Part 1

Richard Roberts is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of XYZ Company mainly dealing with marketing and sales of textile related products. He has been the CEO for last three decades. Over the years, businesses have experienced a lot of changes due to the effect of technological advancements. In this relation, I chose Richard since he has been able to observe how changes in technology have changed the way people used to communicate while in the workplace. In the interview, Richard was quick to highlight that technological advancements have resulted in significant changes to the way they have been communicating with the company. Having been a CEO for the last thirty years, he has been able to see changes which have influenced not only communication but also changed other functionalities of the business. Although the revolution has in most cases improved the operations of the business, he was quick to highlight that the revolution had some challenges. Regarding improving the business operations, Richard indicated that as the CEO, he has been able to utilize technology such as the use of video conferencing to increase organizational efficiency. On the challenges, Richard indicated that the cost involved in maintaining this facility as well as training personnel lessens the profit of the company.

With the use of technology, it has revolutionized the way companies conduct their business activities. In fact, Richard views technology as the core factor that influences the success of any business. The company which has embraced the use of technology have been able to create a competitive edge in the market. Also, Richard highlighted that through the use of VoIP services such as Skype, text messages and apps such as Snapchat, he can communicate with family members while undertaking business activities unlike before. With technology, there are now multitude of options for communicating with customers, associates teams and family members,

Part 2

Jim Ross is a renowned correspondent of the CNN. He has been reporting for many over 20 years covering various issues related to security. He was a part of the correspondent team that was covering the terrorist attack on the Pan Am Flight 103 in the resident area of Lockerbie, Scotland. Also, Jim reported the 9/11 terrorist attack and had been reporting the impacts of the attack towards security. Jim was largely affected by 9/11 since his son was a part of the people who died as a result of this attack. In this relation, I chose Jim due to his knowledge related to the impact that the 9/11 attack created to the society. The 9/11 was one of the most remembered cultural revolution that impacted the way society used to perceive security and which has changed from then.

According to Jim, the incident changed everything including his life. In particular, he views his life to be torn into two parts: Before the 9/11 and after the 9/11. He indicated that before the attack, life was smooth and people had less concern about the internal security. There were no security cameras, and metal detectors in public buildings and no one cared what al-Qaeda was. However, the life after 9/11 was different. Jim views the life after to have impacted the whole society in general regardless of whether in politics, societal and economically. In particular, he views the life after the 9/11 to be mentally disturbing since he lost his son on that fateful day.

This is one of the Cultural Revolution that had two major impacts; it improved the security that was previous being offered to an ordinary citizens. Also, it made life more challenging mostly to people who lost their loved ones. Jim, in particular, feels that the attack made him mentally ill when he recalls the incident as well as his son.


In conclusion, it is clear that cultural revolutions have the capacity to change various things in the society. It is evident that improvement in technology has created a society which has enabled businesses to operate efficiently from Richard’s case. Also, it is clear that 9/11 impacted a lot on the feeling the society had about security. The results of the interviews have similarities in that both the cultural revolutions impacted changes to the society. However, the interview has a lot of differing attitude towards the Cultural Revolution in each case. One is seen to contribute positively regarding the creation of opportunities whereas the other caused a lot of challenges to the society mostly those who were affected.

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