Master’s Prepared Nurse Interview

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In the healthcare department AG-ACNP profession has a responsibility to monitor to order to interpreted the diagnostic test as well as developing treatments plan aimed at stabilizing all patients maximizing their well being at the shortest time possible. I am having an objective of getting insight associated with the interplay in career path, education and managing time for someone who is starting MSN and specializing in AG-ACNP , I have decided to interview an Master of science in nursing prepared AG-ACNP a lady who is works at our hospital. I believe that upon getting the real world data and career guidance from the her, I will be prepared and equipped so as to make an expression of my passion preparing me for my journey as a nurse.

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“Master’s Prepared Nurse Interview”

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Overview of Career

While he was in her final year pursuing bachelor’s degree in mass communication the interviewee was on an internship at the local T.V station. Her boyfriend was hospitalized and she was forced by the circumstances to go and take care of him while at hospital. What she can recall is the nurse advising her together with the family that the patient need care every minute. She in the real sense saw how the nurse was dedicated and could use most time just helping the patients and this transformed the interviewee. While she was leaving the health care center she had a new idea and thought of changing her career to something to do with healthcare.

To begin her path she had to obtain a technician certificate of her Emergency room meaning that she could work as technician as she was doing her nursing. After that she went for prerequisites and got pre-specialty entry MSN program which was offered at India .She had to pursue this for 2 years so as to be familiar with prespeciality msn program which ushered in her National council license exam which could make har be a recognized as a registered nurse .After obtaining this she worked as ER RN .She got a degree in Pre specialty Entry MSN for a period of four year.

Graduate Education

The interviewee worked as ER RN for more four years it is during this time that she had recognized that many patients were coming to see the ER simply to get the primary health condition. Generally the patients looked aged but to her surprise many of them had no health insurance .Upon noting that she made another observation that inadequate hospitals and health care units as well as inadequate medical professionals and the population could not be adequately served.Now that the aged needed further and attention on a serious note she was it would be of great importance if she furthers her education to serve the population rather than keep being a nurse. This implied that she was to enroll for AG-ASCNP Post masters certificate program, she did this at Illinois where she learned about adult population gerontology population. It was offered together with Student ACNP in clinical components as it was providing hospital care in a complex way making it into a variety of acute ill patients. As she was working she completed the program in PMC in one and half years.

Present Position

After the interviewee completed the PMC for AG-ACNP she got her Americn Association of critical care Nurses AG-ACNP certificate by examination.Curently she works as a profession in AG-ACNP hospitalist providing comprehensively medical care to the acute ill gerontology individuals who need to be hospitalized.During her working time rangin from activities like admission and discharge of patients she work in a cooperative way together with ateam directing the coordination and mangemment of patients care. Based on her current job and rank the interviewee was describing the competencies obtained from Illinois University. AG-ACNP graduate is very fruitful in research, it involves steps such as to evaluates researches result, Identify problems and outcome of practices as well as application of the result in making decision.Having obtained the new information and knowledge fron reseache done the AG-ACNP is capable of providing good care initiating change and improving practices.

Using ethical sound solution in the event of an issue that is complex could be named as another competency. The AG-ACNP graduate has got a very relevant skills that could make her use the principles, beliefs and personal values providing a framework used in nursing .The program gave her nursing frame work .she was again in a place to be exploring her values and analyzing the way the values have shaped his practices and influencing her decisions in making. To facilitate her ethical decision she conducted many desicions.Some sources were including ethics cometee, results of clinical research and ethical theories, legal status the sensitivity of the culture and scope of the ACNP.

Pearls of Wisdom

The core challenge that the interviwee has faced is that while sha was starting the graduate program she had challenge in time mangement.Because she could attend the school on fulltime program and could hacve to study for four days and to study and focus in completing the assignments to meet the deadline.In addition anothekind of advise she provided was that having a clear communication is important in this field.Again sharing the information about the school with the manger in her employed company in advance could show her responsibility.Similar to communincating with the shcoool administration in regard to work related ensuring that the graduate program is completed sucessfuly.


Generally through her graduate education the she got a lot of skills and knowledge aimed at helping her play larger role in healthcare and developing a good communication as well as positive attitude in capabilities to reviewing and using evidence basd in practicing the supporting of clinical decisions.our university MSN with AG-ACNP speciality is very fiting the positive outcoes of graduates.sincce tha learners are effective in communication,good in critical thinking and proefficient lin leadership.

In accordance to AACN eductiuon the research and competency is crucial in research and ethic competency.I have acquired very new positive insights concerninnn g what is should be expecting from my interview,as therew will be amount of research understanding needed tip on how to nalance school and works as well as the icrucial need of getting the advance communication with school and employer.Through loking at difference sources of knowledge it is very clear that graduate education could help pushoing the bounderies of the students making them capable of learning from different knowledge sources like improving time manging and giving clear idea of what should be expected in graduate education as it is very helpful to the interviewer masters prepared nurse that is positioning similar toto chosen specility track.

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