Description Paper of a Manager Interview

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Seeking a management job position be ready and considerably armed to face the wrath of a challenging and rigorous interview process. Interviewing for the position of a manager or Executive Officer is normally a different affair and experience from jobs of entry-levels. It is one of the most competitive experiences any job seeker will endure in his lifetime. This paper is consolidated paper of an interview conducted in search of manager in one of the biggest textile companies in the United States, Albany International.

Personality Question and Responses

1. Are you the kind of person Albany International is missing? I am an individual of special personality with my whole workmanship engulfed with appreciating and valuing the contribution and qualities of others. My employees would openly say that the finest manager who keeps the concerns in safe hands and listens to them is me. I am a person who is a wiz in bringing understanding and order to chaos. I am a proud professional with amazing and admirable track of timely and effective deadline submissions in my previous employers. 2. How does anger affect your ability to work efficiently? I am least affected by anger. The least it may hit my human nature is handled and countered in the best professional way possible. I am a person who avoids anger by all means and costs. It is the last thing I can wish to undergo in my line of duty a manager, junior staff or even a technical expert. Everything which comes my way in order to anger me is converted to be a challenge and my problem solving skills takes full responsibility.

Communication Skills Questions and Responses

1. How have you shown you good communication skills in the past? My resilient communication skills have been demonstrated in both verbal and written ways. While at my previous employer, it was my role to organize and conduct brainstorming sessions and distribute post-meeting discussions and reports. In this role it mandatory for me to exercise and exhibit strong communication and diplomacy skills to ensure that the common goasl of the organization reach the diverse team members. My resilience in communication skills has significantly helped me to build, sustain and repeat my customer base as well as work efficiency within a dynamic and huge team like the one I anticipate to meet in your organization.

Leadership Style Questions and Responses

1. Give an example of an experience you unexpectedly took up the role of a manager in your Leadership Journey? At my immediate job, I held the post of a sales and supply association for a similar company as Albany International. The company's overall sales were falling drastically as compared to the ones recorded in the previous quarter of the year. The then manager converged all employees in the department and asked each and every one of us to suggest a possible method to improve the periodic sales. I presented a summarized presentation on a solution I developed entailing changes in the training method used in the sales department. The management was appeased by my solution and I was given the opportunity to lead a special task force made to implement the solution. The team of six was under my leadership and the task was timely and effectively completed with the new training method ready for implementation with no delay. Ultimately, this sales solution increased and sustained the skills elaborated by the sales personnel. The goodness of the company, the next quarter enjoyed the best level of sales in decades. A remarkable increase of 25% was recorded. I strongly believe that my spectacular and professional communication skills to both top management and the junior staff for the success of my ideologies, projects and the general output of the company or institution. 2. Which is your past toughest decision making moment in your life? In my life I have two peculiar scenes which stretched my decision making ability to the very limits. The first one befell me when I finished my 12th class and the next moment of choosing my profession was very difficult. I was locked in a dilemma to choose either degree or BTech. My parents influenced the decision and I joined degree. And the second one I about my career practice whether to choose the public sector or the private sector. These two are the worst moments of my career and education life.

Motivation Questions and Responses

1. What is your Motivation tool? Doing an excellent job and attaining the desired and stipulated end results forms my primary motivation. As I enjoy the environment of working on my own projects, I'm particularly appeased and equally motivated by the spirit and buzz of teamwork. It is overwhelmingly rewarding to work with a team for a common goal and purpose 2. How will you make the employees under your watch motivated? There are three key aspects which I usually employ in my engagement with the rest of the team in an organization. In my new post as the company manager I would create an environment which makes them feel others need them too, recognize them even to the individual level and being absolutely intentional with everyday and routine conversations.

Task Management Questions and Responses

1. What is your Task Delegation Strategy? For every staff member I prepare detailed sheet carrying key information about relevant responsibilities and tasks together with estimated deadlines. Personalized access to every staff member to ascertain they are at harmony with the deadlines as well as answering to any uprising query over the same. Apart from that, I usually plan and schedule meetings about work in progress to check on the progress status and address arising challenges. 2. Can you tell us about your Worst Management Weakness? Sometimes in the pressure of deadline timelines I find myself in the receiving end of overlooking the marvelous and quality job of a certain employee or staff member. However, I am working an extra mile harder to ensure that everybody in my team enjoys the deserved recognition for their productive and positive contribution towards the objectives and goals of the department and company in general. 3. What actions would take upon learning that the subordinate are discharging their duties inefficiently? As a manager, I consider everybody working with or under me to be a typical extension of my quality and effectiveness. A discussion about any possible challenges with the affected team members on an individual level will be conducted to unearth the issues once and for all. However, if their job affects the threshold of the organization, then I carry a part of the burden of their shortcomings as my responsibility.
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