How Significant was Hitler’s Leadership?

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Hitler’s leadership was significant because he forced many people to do things his way and was very stubborn. Hitler was a very smart, yet stubborn man. his reign was cut short, but was and still is very influential on the world and his country. It was significant because he made sure by enforcing his rules. the significance of his leadership will not be forgotten. He was also very conniving to his people and his country. but yet, he was a very good leader. He pulled germany out of the hole that they were in during a worldwide economic depression. He made sure or tried to make sure people were respectful of germany. He did many things to show that he was a man that was going to be respected even since he was very young. There are many other ways that hitler’s leadership was very significant. Such as, we still talk about his reign and his dictatorship 85 years later. The nazis did many things and took advantage of time during his reign to do many things, all of these things impacted the world. His ways shaped the way the world is today, and especially how germany is today. Overall, he was a good leader. Hitler’s leadership also influenced the collapse of international peace in 1939. He influenced it in a few ways.

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“How Significant was Hitler’s Leadership?”

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One of those few was the policy of appeasement that was brought upon by the english prime minister of the time Neville Chamberlain. This policy was manipulated by hitler when the english prime minister made the policy of appeasement. This was made when Hitler was expanding the german territory. Many people did not agree with this policy. It was not agreed because many people knew that hitler was going to take advantage of everything, and even if he had everything that he needed he was just going to want more and more. Appeasement was a policy that fed on emotions as well as intellect, at least with Chamberlain. The British prime minister had lost his beloved cousin in World War I. From then on, he advocated the basic principle of all pacifists: Wars have no winners, only losers. Wiegrefe, K. (2009, September 02). The Road to World War II: How Appeasement Failed to Stop Hitler – SPIEGEL ONLINE – International. Retrieved December 9, 2018, from

Another , was the remilitarization of the rhineland. Hitler was or seemed like an inspiration to the germans. They seen him like this because the germans were desperate for a leader during the time that hitler came. they were in the middle of a worldwide economic depression and they needed help. then here comes hitler and pulls them out of their troubles and rebuilds germany. when he took over, he remilitarized the rhineland , and the germans seen him as a strong man who knew what he was doing. This made him look stronger to the rest of the world. Nazi leader Adolf Hitler violates the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Pact by sending German military forces into the of them and would then take them to a building. They would then tell the prisoners that they were going to shower, they would then get undressed and would all walk into a very crowded and tight building. The guards then closed the door and lock them in the Rhineland, a demilitarized zone along the Rhine River in western Germany. Editors. (n.d.). Hitler reoccupies the Rhineland. Retrieved December 9, 2018, from

The last of the reasons that i will list, is his beliefs on anti-semitism and his thoughts on jews. hitler believed that jews were the reason that the germans were not a as superior as they used to be. he also blamed this on intermarriage. he seen jews as lazy and jewish people did not contribute to the world as a civilization is what he stated in his book mein kampf. the killing of a german politician in paris by a jewish teen also sparked a movement in germany. this was called the kristallnacht. Hitler encouraged germans to go and smash the glass to jewish owned businesses and loot them. After this, the germans had it against the jews. Later, the jews were taken into jewish concentration camps and were kept there. They worked as slaves and were mistreated. The nazis would call a group of about 100. From the top, they would then pour zyklon-B a poison gas and the prisoners would then die. After they were taken out, they were then burned. After the war ended and hitler died, people found these camps and told the world. The locals would say that they had no idea that camp was there. But he reserved the brunt of his vituperation for the Jews, whom he portrayed as responsible for all of the problems and evils of the world, particularly democracy, Communism, and internationalism, as well as Germany’s defeat in the War. Jews were the German nation’s true enemy, he wrote. They had no culture of their own, he asserted, but perverted existing cultures such as Germany’s with their parasitism. As such, they were not a race, but an anti-race. Meier, D. A. (n.d.). Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power. Retrieved December 9, 2018, from

In conclusion, there are many ways that hitler’s leadership was significant, he was a great leader to the the germans. But, that doesn’t mean that he was a good person. He was a good leader because, he was able to manipulate the policy of appeasement that was set by england, he remilitarized the rhineland even after the treaty of versailles said that was not allowed, and he sparked a hatred movement that he believed was the right thing to do. It was significant because he made sure by enforcing his rules. the significance of his leadership will not be forgotten.

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