Shootings in Schools in the Last Three Decades

By my count, they have been 166 shootings in schools in the last three decades these cases are persistently viewed as Aberrations Each new incident provokes Surprise and shock. These mass shootings took place in predominately white, middle-class or upper class Suburbans what small towns.

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“Shootings in Schools in the Last Three Decades”

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Expects tend to Fix blame on factors external to school, Severe mental illness, access to guns, or media violence, especially video games. While these issues shortly play a role in high incidence of such events, we need to ask you more fundamental question. What occurs in school themselves, the sites, after all of the shootings that causes so many students to become unhappy, anxious, depressed, motivated by rage?

Some of the shooters Who survived Who didn’t kill themselves or get killed in the Mayham express these feelings explicitly. They are proud of themselves after the shootings. Most schools shootings perpetrators are male Most of those who committed the massacres, struggle for Rick no nation and status among their peers. The majority of them languished at the bottom of the social hierarchy. They tended not to be athletic, they we also described in the media are skinny, scrawny, Short, lanky. They were diseased for looking feminine or gay. They didn’t need to be academically oriented. Do you where do you only on successful with girls. Many of them were also significantly less wealthy then the popular teens and their schools. As a result of these perceived failures, They were mercilessly teased and abused.

Leaving as they do within such a strict punitive social hierarchy, Boys are told in one way or another to prove their manhood And in some cases, to prove that they exist at all. Mini boys think that the most go to great lengths to differentiate themselves from perceived perceived as gay , Feminine, poor, intellectual, or weak. So they harass, bully, demean, Humiliate, and I generally try to crush this social value of anyone who doesn’t feet him. All in and effort to secure their own social standing by calling in another student gay. A boy demonstrates to others that he is successfully heterosexual, While a boy who beats up another student proves how powerful he is Compared with the injured party.

These boys repeatedly choose to prove their masculinity overwhelming violence. Many of them targeted more popular kids who have harassed them In the girls who had rejected them. They believe their violent response, a powerful demonstration of masculine prowess, Would win them the recognition they desperately craved. Whether they were dead or alive, free or behind bars, one after another, the perpetrators spoke about their yearning for notoriety. They could no longer imagine Achieving recognition is there present reality, so they dreamed of receiving it in some form of afterlife obtained through silence and infamy. These youth turned suit any means necessary to get that recognition.

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