How should Schools Stop Bullying

From the two reports we know that every student can become a bully or bully of school bullying. The correct understanding of bullying on campus is the basic premise for the school to carry out prevention and treatment work, and it needs to be recognized by all faculty and staff. The root of preventive work is to build a team of trusted friends and teachers, and a group and school that can study and live with peace of mind. There is a need to strengthen the awareness and ability of teachers.

Teachers should train students to develop relevant skills related to ‘basic ability’ and ‘expertise’. First, let the children stay away from the basic abilities of bullying, mainly including understanding and communication ability of others, and judging the ability of others and the environment. Second, the study of the expertise of school bullying. At the same time, the students are given a variety of decompression methods, such as sports, reading, confiding, etc., rather than conflict with others. Bullying damage often stems from ‘learning pressure’ and ‘interpersonal relationship pressure’. School education and teaching practices should be improved in order to prevent bullying. Schools should build a platform for everyone to express, attach importance to the interpersonal relationship building of classes, grades, and associations, create opportunities for everyone to be useful and successful, and improve self-awareness.

The important feature of school bullying is that it is difficult to find and difficult to judge, because bullying usually occurs at times and places that are difficult for adults to discovery, and is often obscured by playfulness and other forms. Teachers first need to have positive attitudes and discoveries and judge with other teachers. For school, the key to discovering bullying as soon as possible is to establish and improve relevant measures, such as regular investigations, consultations, and reports. For example, Japanese schools arrange regular questionnaires to allow students to choose their own situation. Through the survey, the school learned about bullying on campus and also investigated factors such as learning pressure, interpersonal relationship, and self-efficacy.

Once the bullying facts are discovered and determined, teachers need to immediately stop it. If there is student counseling and reporting about bullying, teachers need to prioritize this work rather than other work. For those who are being bullied, the teacher must show the attitude of ’resolute protection’ and ’resolute support’. It is necessary to tell the bullied students :’You are not wrong!’ Parents should also be used to protect students through home visits. After the school has confirmed the facts of bullying, it is necessary to combine psychologists and professionals with relevant experience to discuss solutions to prevent recurrence. For bullies, first of all, let them know that bullying is an act of hurting others, promote self-reflection, and then punished according to different situations.

In addition, the problem of bullying on the Internet is becoming more and more prominent. It is characterized by violent behavior, usually speech violence or exposure to information bullying. Therefore, schools need to guide students to regulate use the Internet. First of all, the school and the family work together to improve the quality of the students. Secondly, once bullying is discovered, it is necessary to stop and clear the information immediately.

The problem of school bullying cannot be eliminated in a short time. Schools should promote students to build correct values and protect their growth.’ The school should be the sunniest and safest place.’ Our goal is to create a campus environment for children without fear.

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