Thesis Statement on Abortion: Weighing Reproductive Rights and Societal Implications

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Controversy has been surrounding the topic of abortion, the deliberate termination of human pregnancy, for a long time, and many people have their justifiable reasons as to why they support life or choice. Should mothers be allowed reproductive choice? Or does abortion automatically denote “murder” of the fetus and be prohibited? I believe that all mothers have the right to a choice regarding their own reproduction because this will empower women, protect women from financial and health disadvantages, and eliminate a vast majority of child abuse situations.

By giving women the right to reproductive choice, they are empowered in more ways than one. All women deserve sovereignty over their own bodies, and the time at which a child is born could change the course of the mother’s entire life. If a child is born at a wrong time, the mother’s employment could suffer, and her independence could be shattered. If a mother discovers beforehand that her child will have a disability when born, she should have the authority to prevent the birth of a child with severe deformities or abnormalities. In a past supreme court case known as Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, the justice ruled in favor of choice, making the point that the capability of women to contribute to politics and economics equally in today’s society heavily relies on their having unmitigated control of their reproductive choices.

Reproductive choice not only protects women's rights, but also protects them from financial and health complications. Many women who choose the prematurely terminate their pregnancies do so because they are unable to financially support the child. If they are deprived of this option, then they will be forced to raise a child with their already deficient income, providing a good living for neither the mother nor the child. Additionally, women who are denied abortions are likely more susceptible to mental health issues in the future due to the significant stress caused by a child they were not prepared to have. In fact, according to various literary reviews, the vast majority of women who undergo abortion feel that they made the right choice. A friend of mine’s aunt, weeks after being informed of her pregnancy, decided that she did not have the means to support her baby or give her child the life it deserves, and decided for an abortion. She now wholeheartedly claims that it was one of the best decisions she has made, and that had she not had such an option, she would be greatly encumbered with guilt of not being able to provide her child with an adequate lifestyle.

Another important point to consider is that no child deserves to live a life in which they feel unwanted. A mother will only choose to abort if she has a good reason to not give birth to a child, thus if this right is withheld from her, the child will inevitably be born and will have to live in whatever conditions their mother can offer, whether they are suitable or not. Whether the child lacks sufficient financial support or inadequate affection from his or her parents, these factors will induce a significant impact upon the future well-being of that child. Many studies, both long-term and short-term, have been conducted showing the correlation between inadvertent pregnancies and more frequent instances of child abuse, depression for both children and adults, and limited academic achievement. Every child that is brought into this world deserves a comfortable lifestyle, the opportunity of education, and love and support from their parents. If these vital entities cannot be provided to a child, then perhaps waiting until a suitable environment for the child has been established is a better option.

Many believe that an abortion is synonymous to the killing of a baby, they say it is inhuman and and immoral. However, before a fetus has fully developed into a human being, it is incapable of feeling pain and not yet a human being, thus it would be an overstatement to deem it murder. Contrarily, by terminating development prematurely, suffering of both mother and child could be ceased before it even begins. Additionally, many who are firm in their beliefs that abortion must be prohibited make the point that abortions can be hazardous and even fatal for mothers. However, in the modern day, safer and more reliable abortion techniques have been devised by medical professionals, thus substantially reducing the risk and fatality rate of the procedure.

One decision can impact the lives of countless women across the world, and they more than deserve to make that decision for themselves. Women should never have to endure guilt, stress, or insufferable hardships because they were deprived of an essential right. In conclusion, although abortion does have some potential negative inflictions, the benefits greatly outweigh the harms. 

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