Film ‘Wall-E’

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The world is coming to an end and after seven hundred years humankind fled from the planet and one robot remains. The director Andrew Stanton created this award-winning film to capture a vision of a world and what it has become. WALL-E a robot has been left on earth and meets Eve who is a robot but more advance and detects living things on earth such as plants or anything of that sort. The movie’s major themes include romance, exploration, and foolishness. This movie has been one of the most exciting, loneliest, and interesting films that Stanton has created. The main characters in the film are WALL-E, Eve, and Captain B. McCrea. WALL-E is very loyal, dedicated to his work and creative to find news things to build. He stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class and charges solar power batteries to continue his work. He uses is machine powered hands to crush waste and garbage to condense it down. Eve is very determined and sweet, as she is trying to find the plant that she has been destined to search for, but also she knows what she must do in order to save the planet. Captain B. McCrea is very careless and oblivious as resorted to self technology where they do not have to worry about anything or do anything. He only has to worry about his chair and the advance machinery that could possibly take the world over. It is becoming to the future where technology is everything and mankind starts to rely on technology to even do the daily tasks. The Steering wheel is very controlling and wants everything to himself. He is considered selfish and a controlling bot. 

The cinematic experience is very interesting as the film is only created with little to no words throughout the movie. It is also a learning experience as it shows multiple example of how the world survived off of technology and how there is not anymore agriculture or work to do. Throughout the film, Eve and WALL-E play a intimate and romantic connection. Even though there are not much words spoken to each other, the little gestures that Eve shows WALL-E are important to watch for. WALL-E the little robot is fascinated with Eve when they first meet. Eve is very intrigued with WALL-E and all the things he accomplish and to grasp her attention. Another major theme is Foolishness and Folly, in the film littering and pollution is a bigger issue than anything else. An example is how humankind left earth to live in space with advance technology that does everything for them. This is effecting how the world is left behind to deteriorate in trash and filth because lack of recycle and sustaining the environment. As it seems like people did not care what the world came too. The techniques used in the film consisted of very little language and direct communication used. WALL-E and Eve used the little sounds and movement to understand each other. The music was a major technique to describe how the emotion was in that time of scene for example in the beginning of the movie it was a happier mood where wall-e was doing his own thing and fixing things up. Then towards the middle of the movie the sounds and effects would get more intense as they are reaching the conflict. This is where the plant or green living thing is taken to be analyzed.        

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