“The Wolf of Wall Street” (Movie Analysis)

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There is plenty of movies that element such violations and The Wolf of Wall Street is one of the best movies that depend on the class of film. It is important that the film depends on genuine records. The film is worked around the life of a stockbroker called Jordan Belfort and it follows his life as he proceeds to have his own organization. He handles an occupation as a Wall Street stockbroker where he is brought into a universe of a drug, sex, and ravenousness for cash. He later loses his employment and plays another job in a financier firm managing in penny stocks. The organization rose consistently to turn into an extremely worthwhile business with all workforce living luxuriously. This was while Belfort’s ruin anticipated. Along the way, various violations were submitted, and these would, at last, be the defeat of Belfort. He has committed various types of fraud in order to benefit from the market. During his tenure, he engaged in money laundering and bribery by officials and specialists. The proliferation of crime Bell fortresses is used to promote the higher stages of life so he uses techniques to make money faster.

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““The Wolf of Wall Street” (Movie Analysis)”

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The movie focuses on a white-collar substance. The main feature is the non-violent nature of the crime. Beyond the film, there is no predictable violence in earning money. It is primarily about fraud, breach of trust with customers and partners, and hiding important details or information. The focus is often on money, property, services, and business opportunities. There is a lifestyle that comes with these benefits and the film does a beautiful job of showing how much they impact people’s lives. Belfort and his co-workers only drive one thing and make money. The Wall Street gives a helpful way to accomplish their goals. Belfort begins a journey to gather treasure as much as he can and is able to do so. He finds all the material things that money can purchase, and he comes to this level through fraud and criminal means.

The Wolf of Wall Street is a major theme of White-Cola. Belfort is the main character in the film. He is a young man with a great deal of interest when he goes to Wall Street. He was married to his wife, Teresa, 23 years old. The film shows that life has a method of evolving individuals. Problems come to the door when he loses his job as a manager on Wall Street. The decision was made to work in the retail sector or to sell coins in the small firm. As a family, he must choose to live a positive life or take the path to be as rich as possible.

He shows a feeling of responsibility to his better half. This while utilizing wicked intends to earn his cash. Belfort exudes charm which is a significant piece of him being an incredible sales. He shows he is well equipped for beguiling customers and forthcoming customers into adjusting their goals to his. He blows through cash on luxurious parties and occasions. At first, he is acquainted with sex, drugs, and a great way of life as a Wall Street stockbroker. He is devoted to his better half by then and his character changes as he builds up his organization and turns out to be increasingly persuaded to commit fraud in an offer to make benefits. He turns into a cash hungry person who is utilizing drugs intensely and undermines his better half. Celebrating turned into consistent in his life. The account of the film coordinates all variables associated with the Fraud Triangle which are opportunity, pressure, and rationalization. There were no internal controls against fraud inside the organization as he built up all principles of play.

Remotely, he discovered escape clauses and positions to exploit and he strived to control the market as long as it did not draw the attention of the authorities, although he finally charm their attention. There seems to be a lot of motivation or incentive for the stock trader and it has led to a major driving force in the scams. The Belfort was driven by its greed to make as much money as possible and to become rich. His encouragement was simple: Make more money in any method. Belfort formed a foundation for making money the way he worked, and this was taught in him as his shareholder in his first job. This impact was a significant contributing component in his rationalization of the fraud he committed.

The Factor that the fraud theory presents onto the triangle model is the capability and it involves the capacities that one has. He had a deep love for his work in the stock market and these required him to have skills. He had a detailed understanding of the activity of the market and had a sharp thought on procedures and controls that existed in his profession. He utilizes the information and capacities to make a fortune for others’ cash and there is a rule called 10-80-10 that is related to the capacity of people to commit fraud. In a proper way, eighty percent of people commit fraud and ten percent of people do not commit fraud also the Belfort is the other ten percent of the category that includes individuals who are actively seeking to defraud the system. The fraudulent Pentagon concept still offers a different perspective. As the Belfort grows, this attitude takes center stage. His role in the success of the company has many implications. The FBI found its activities in the wind and continued its work by establishing a task force to check it.

In Belfort’s life, several things went out as the FBI was surrounding him and If he ignores the threat of incarceration, he will remain on active duty and will be notified by his arresting partner. After his wife asks for a divorce serious incident will happen. This time he hit his wife, and he had an accident with his daughter next to her. Belfort carried out various crimes through the span of his profession. He was accused of control of the stock market and money laundry. The crime can carry up to 25 years in prison. It also violates the Financial Conduct Act and eliminates all transactions involving illegal activity and financial concealment.

The proof against him was very huge subsequently he conceded to fraud and different crimes identified with control of the market. He was condemned for a sum of 22 months in jail and he gave declarations that ensnared his accomplices and workers part of his discipline included the installment of a debt to the customers he cheated after his prison term finished. 

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