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The Breakfast Club is a John Hughes film from 1985, it’s iconic and a classic comedy high school drama. With being released over 30 years ago the movie still has a strong message. It takes place on an all-day Saturday detention in a school library. There are five students who got detention for all different reasons and they were complete strangers with nothing in common. A brain, a princess, a jock, a rebel and an outcast. Throughout the day they begin to bond with one another and realize maybe they do have more in common then they thought.

One of the best features is the character development throughout the movie. In the beginning, the characters seem almost cliche, but there is so much more to them underneath the surface. The script and direction are great, John Hughes perfectly taps into the teenage mentality. This film is also so timeless, with little having changed in school character-types over the years. The acting is also great, with Judd Nelson and Anthony Michael Hall having especially strong roles and performances.

The only downside to the movie is possibly the fact that almost all the scenes are shot in the same setting, this could also be a good thing at the same time trying to solely focus on the characters and their stories. There also isn’t a lot of action in this movie either. One of the only adult characters in the movie is Vernon, the assistant principal. He is portrayed as the bad guy, out to get the group of students in detention that day. Unable to relate to the students or their situations, he only saw what was on the surface. The janitor points out later on that when Vernon assumes the students are the problem in his lack of understanding the new generations, he never really bothered to look closer and realize it was him who had changed over the years. This plays a major role in the main theme of the movie, the inability to see past the surface of a problem or character and judge based on appearances.

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