Documentary Film ” Super Size Me”

Super Size Me” is a 2004 documentary film, directed by Morgan Spurlock. It was filmed to bring awareness to many wrong ways McDonald’s fast food and many other fast good corporations can greatly affect your health. The movie is basically the documented phases of Spurlock’s experiment, which is eating fast food every day for a month. His experiment consisted of him only eating McDonald’s for a month; for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He wanted to see the affects that McDonald’s had on you physically and mentally. As the movie went on and time passed there was a definite change in Spurlock. He was sad, experienced major headaches, and chest pain. That was not the only change, though he also began to gain weight, which was the main argument of the film. That Mcdonald’s was a leading corporation for the cause of obesity in the United States.

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“Documentary Film ” Super Size Me””

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Spurlock was trying to prove to the world that McDonald’s was unhealthy and causing people to have high cholesterol etc. Throughout the movie Spurlock meets with many doctors, who tell him that he needs to stop eating the food, because he could cause potential long term damage. This adds to his argument, asserting that the world does not know that, McDonald’s could harm you and potentially cause long term life affecting things. By adding the doctors to the film Spurlock showed that he wasn’t just stating arguments without facts. Having the doctors added an assertiveness to his argument, basically asserting that he was right and McDonald’s is actually bad for you. Spurlock was very smart when it came to directing the film, because the film had a funny feel to it, but it was still very informative. By him doing this he was able to capture his audience, but also spread awareness on the information he was spreading in the film. Spurlock also brings to awareness that McDonald’s is trying to appeal to children. This is shown by them offering the kids, kids meals or toys with their meal, but his argument was for the parents. He brought about the question of what parent would feed their kid food that could potentially kill them. This is important, because it starts with the adults, but if he can appeal to the kids as well that is a plus. One instance in the movie he interviewed kids and showed them pictures of Jesus and President Washington and many of the kids didn’t know who they were. When he showed them McDonald’s characters, they all knew who he was. This brings up awareness that kids know more about fast food than they do about United States history or about Jesus Christ.

I personally think the movie was influential. It definitely got my attention on some of the food that i do eat, however McDonald’s is not one of the fast food places that I rush over to go to. I think the movie was produced well. It was not a boring movie. I say that, because most of the documentaries I’ve seen are very information based and it becomes too much to take in at one time. I think because Spurlock interviewed different people and kept the movie funny, it kept me engaged the whole time. Especially when he was sarcastic goin up to a McDonald’s to order his food. I also believe that, because he was on a journey basically and going through the experiment I wanted to watch the movie til the end to see what happened. I do however believe that, because he puts down fast food restaurants he limits himself to the exposure he would get from the full population. I think the movie serves its purpose to bring about awareness on Mcdonald’s and to prove that it really can kill you, if you eat it everyday.

I already had a little knowledge on McDonald’s and their ‘fake” meat or the pink slime put into their meat. This movie personally helped reiterate that knowledge and just remind me to eat right, because it helps your body and your soul. Eating healthy can help with depression and so much more than just the typical things.

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