Should America Build a Wall Along It’s Southern Border (Mexico)?

 Honestly in opinion my purpose today isn’t to offer one on the border wall, but to summarize arguments that have been made for and against the project. Beginning with the history of which started in 1924 when Congress created the U.S. Border Patrol. It wasn’t until the late 70’s that illegal immigration increased which then increased to drug trafficking in the 90’s that brought on a major concern about the security of the nation. It was then that border control and the military worked together control the illegal activities from crossing over the borders, but once the military was called off duty, the activity increase. If it wasn’t for the terrorist attack on 9/11 there wouldn’t be any concerns about building a wall, but with the attack over the years there’s been several ideas over the next few years on how to control the border.

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“Should America Build a Wall Along It’s Southern Border (Mexico)?”

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Unfortunately President Trump and his lack of knowledge of how to run a country have left little concerns to him about the pros and cons of building this wall. As I read more into detailed I pinpoint three pros for the border barrier, which include overall homeland security equipped with high-tech cameras and devices, which makes crossing into the U.S. via land less accessible. Second pro is that it would decrease the drug cartels, gangs and guns along with human traffickers from entering the U.S. Lastly, the third pro is the economy and cost of lost tax revenue which is estimated at $113 billion, which would be cut because there won’t be any more illegal immigrations to benefit from the U.S. welfare and health programs. As you know with any situation there are cons as well.

Further reading I pinpoint three cons for the border barrier, which to me I can say that I’m against the wall and hear are my reasons. The cost of building this wall could be divided for each state especially the states that was effected by major disasters, high poverty rates with little jobs and higher crimes rates. Instead, tax payers will face higher tax rates to compensate for the building of the wall, which will leave America with a massive debt, for the next President. Second con, immigration won’t end so why waste tax payer’s money on a border wall that will not keep the legal immigrations from finding other ways to get around it. Lastly, the third con would be discrimination and Mexico may take that as a sign of the U.S. declaring war. and feeling as to Mexicans aren’t qualified to live in the U.S. because they are label as immigrations. In conclusion I think America shouldn’t have a wall built along its southern border because of the many effects it will place upon the U.S. and Mexico.

There’s other ways that can be enforced to stop illegal immigration, drug cartels, and human trafficking with less expenses of a wall. If this wall is build it will cause more concerns for the U.S., because all the force is used to control the border which leaves open areas for other countries.

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