Wall-e Movie Review

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Plundering of all earths precious resources have gotten, to the point where all that is left over garbage. Humans can’t inhabit the earth any longer and have instead taken to space by somehow getting through the debris cloud that surrounds the orbit of the earth where they are put into chairs and never get out to do anything for themselves. They allow the robots to completely take over all tasks that are now done by humans on a day to day basis, but leaving them bored, lazy and unfulfilled.

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“Wall-e Movie Review”

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Several hundred years in the future is where this story is set, and follows WALL-E (which stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class), he is a cute little robot trash-compactor that is programmed to pick up our trash, crush it into small squares and then neatly stack them into mini-mountains of garbage.

At this point in the future, humans have created enough trash for WALL-E to construct skyscrapers tall enough to fill out the New York City skyline. The Earth is no longer inhabited by people (they now live on a space station far from home) and is a place without plant growth, except for one small, lone sprout — or any apparent food or water supply. Instead, it’s essentially a giant landfill featuring a ruddy, smog-clouded sky and roaring dust storms.

Commercialism this seems to be a main theme in this movie, giving off the message that humans are the willing and completely glutenous consumers and giant corporations love and feed off of these (“Buy ’n’ Large”) which pander to every superficial whim.

With only a cockroach (of course) for company, WALL-E quickly falls in love when a new scouting robot, EVE (pronounced by WALL-E as “EE-VAH”), arrives via spaceship seeking plant matter — evidence that Earth has recovered enough to support life, including humans, once again. Yet, as in any good romance EVE is not easily won, and WALL-E’s affection for her takes him to the space station, where the story continues a deft and witty imagining of the potential repercussions of modern culture.

Although a film meant for children, WALL-E hits hard in imagining what will happen to our planet if we continue to dump trash that can be recycled, reused or even avoided in the first place. Currently, Americans alone generate over 250 million tons of trash per year (before recycling). With this kind of statistic, it’s a wonder our planet doesn’t already resemble the literal wasteland that the movie depicts. 

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