Film Reflection “Home”

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Film Reflection: “HOME (2009)” Title: Home Year: 2009 Director: Yann Arthus-Bertrand Watch (Your) Home! I watched the documentary Home recently, and really, earth is so magnificent. So many beautiful shots, such an eye-opener of the need of every part of nature. I really loved this documentary about our home. Besides all the gorgeous pictures of the earth and its nature, I really enjoyed one specific scene about trees (00:47:48). This scene explains why trees are important for our living; why they are “the cornerstone of the climatic balance on which we all depend”.

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“Film Reflection “Home””

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In the background a sad, sensitive song is sung. A man is singing solo and uses his dark, deep voice, as if he were mourning. The combination of sounds are like an introduction of the sad following message: 20% of the biggest rainforest have been cut down. The music fits so perfectly with this message, that it caught me and made me aware of the gravity of the overconsumption of wood. Just an example of how one and a half hours of pictures, voice and music changed me and my ideas toward the environmental issue. Change Change. I use that word conscious.

And it should change everybody’s mind, because the whole movie isn’t just filled with gorgeous pictures about the earth and its perfect balance, but also with the destructive influence of humanity. Everything is linked together, everything is connected and all our actions are affecting natures balance. The consumption of water, wood and the need for oil: everything affects natures balance. That is the message of this documentary, and I was shocked about my, maybe our unconsciousness. It looks like the delicate balance of nature is going to be disturbed drastically if we continue behaving like this.

Did you know? This message shocked me and changed my ideas toward the environmental issue. You and I, as home sapiens, should change this. But, can we? Business responsibility Like I said, natures balance is changed by our consumption manners. Consumption starts with production. I think production companies have a great responsibility in the solution for our home planet. Since a few years organizations give attention to the “green issue” – their responsibility in these environmental problems. They come up with issues like sustainability.

I always thought these were particularly attempts to gain market share. Social environment has changed since the upcoming warnings about environmental issues; consumers expected organization to implement ‘green production ways’. To satisfy (and behold) its customers, organizations might have decided to invest in sustainability, under the guise of goodwill for the future. But now I? ve seen this movie “Home”, I see that organizations really have a great responsibility in changing the tide. Their decisions could be made with the sincere aim.

But at the same time I think organization could make much more radical decisions if the really want to. Couldn’t organization decide to turn down product quality to improve environmental quality; to minimize the use of water and electricity; maybe to renounce the increase of sales numbers and stimulate customers to extend the lifetime of products? In the last scenes of Home, Yann Arthus-Bertrans gives a lot of examples of how companies reacted drastically towards the environmentally problems. It requires courage, will and moreover consciousness.

Organization must be aware of the fact that their actions, their plans and strategies are linked to natural resources, to the future of our planet. Our home. Together Awareness and decisiveness amongst diverse operating organization can make a difference, I think. But the problem should be tackled together. All competitors should agree on “green” production, to prevent one competitor is competed out by doing the right thing. Only when this isn’t possible, legislation should control business activities, cause will is stronger than obligation.

Also consumers like you and me have responsibility. Awareness of our habits can fade out greed, although we aren’t easily satisfied materially. When there’s the common believe we all are a shackle in the solution for environmental problems, I think it is possible consumer behavior will change, but a common believe must be created. That’s something the government should do. But also you and me can help. Tell your neighbors about the need for changes in both production and consumption. Buy this movie Home. Watch Home together, and let’s watch our home, together!

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