A Border Wall between Mexico and the United States

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Have you ever wondered if building a wall is a correct way to control illegal immigration and drug trafficking? Just because President Trump of the United States thinks that it is doesn't mean that it actually is one. In fact, he might have overlooked some facts when he first proposed this outrageous, dangerous, and preposterous idea. Many Americans know about illegal immigration and think that a border wall will solve the problem.

While others don’t support the idea and are aware of the disastrous impacts the wall will have on the United State’s economy, it’s people, and the environment of the border region and if more people were aware of the cataclysmic consequences we could prevent it. The wall could cost the United States billions of dollars and will be a waste of not only the government’s money but the citizens as well as a portion of the money comes from taxpayers.

There are also many other problems in the United States that the government can fix with less money than it costs to build the wall. It will also consume natural environments and can devastate the animal species that live there. Some people say that the wall can stop drug trafficking and restrain the drugs from Mexico from going into the United States, but they are overlooking a major factor which is the people themselves. Ultimately, the wall will only be a waste of money that will not stop the drug trafficking or illegal immigration problem in the United States.

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