Home, Sweet Home

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From all the places I know, there is one that is my favorite. That place is my bedroom, it is a medium size room. The color of the walls are purple. I wouldn’t say it is an amazing and beautiful room but a comfortable place for me to be when I want to be alone. It’s the place that cheers me up all the time. The place where I feel safe when I am home. Whenever I need to read or study, my room is the most relaxing place for me to be in. Even though I share the room with my brother I would say it is like my own personal space.

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“Home, Sweet Home”

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When it’s sunny outside and the curtains are opened the sun gets really bright and makes my room look beautiful. It is a room that is really organized. The brightness coming from the sun through the window is what helps me organize my room and make it look great. I have a small closet where I organize all of my clothes. It might not be as big as how a usual closet would be but its all I have and I am happy with it.

Most of the time I have my friends come over and the first place they come into is my room. They say it is a very calm and quiet place for anyone to be in. It is amazing because I can lock myself away from everything and everyone for a while. After every long day from either school or work when I am really tired the first thing I do when I get home is go into the cozy, calm, and great place that is my bedroom. It is a place where I can show my personality. A place that gives me confidence. Whenever I need to think about anything my bedroom is the place that helps me think and to helps me have trust in myself.

In my bedroom I feel safe because I can be myself and nobody ever stops me from doing anything. Just by seeing how beautiful my room looks makes me want to go and stay in there every day. After is has been a long day, and I get home all I do is run straight to my bedroom and listen to music. Even I lie down on my cosy bed and watch t.v or anything interesting that comes up. On the walls of my room I have pictures of my favorite band, pictures of when I met them, even pictures of me. My bedroom is the only place where I can make it look creative and decorate however I want.

Every morning, when I get up, I love to look outside the window and see the beautiful day that it’s going to be. Sometimes I just walk into my room and lie across the bed, not doing anything but daydreaming for hours. It’s sort of a habit that I have when i’m bored. Everybody has a place that is important to them. Bedrooms to me are a place that anyone can feel comfortable and secured in. My bedroom is a place of privacy where I need to be alone and feel relaxed.

My room is the sort of room, where you can tell that I love being in it. It is full of fun and peace. Almost every night I read there before going to sleep. I believe that my room is a safe place. My room is a blessing to me, and I really appreciate having it.    

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