Remember the Titans Film Review

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I have just recently seen the movie ‘Remember the Titans’ and I absolutely love it. I personally love football movies but this one just blows them all out of the water. It was an amazing true story in Virginia. In 1971 the local school board was forced to integrate an all black school with an all white school and the football team was put to the test. They proved so many people wrong and made lifelong friends with the least expected. This is the true story of an African-American coach.

In 1971 the Williams High School hires a black head coach named Herman Boone to become the school's coach of the football team. The old coach Bill Yoast becomes the team’s defensive coordinator (whatever that is). During their practices, black and white football team members fight because of racial conflicts but in the end they get over it or are forced to get over it. Coach Boone is able to get racial harmony on the team but many people in the community don’t want a black coach at their high school. The Titan's go through a winning season and the team gains support from the community. The Williams High football players and their coaches confront the internal pressures of integration and the external pressures of political unrest due to the Vietnam War. To become champions despite all the harsh feedback of T. C. Williams High, they still push their hardest and make it work.

I loved the movie so much. I don’t really think there were any parts I didn’t like that's how good it is. My favorite scene from the movie is when they were in the locker rooms singing. It was so funny and then they started shooting “Yo Mamma” jokes. Another one is when they win the last game. It was so fun to watch. I really enjoyed the whole movie but those were the most enjoyable parts.
The lesson that I learned from this movie is that Fighting does not solve anything. I know that when making hard decisions fighting seems like a solution (trust me I have an older sister) but fighting does not fix anything. It doesn't even make you feel better because you usually end up with consequences afterward. Everyone has their reasons but fighting with people does not build a stronger relationship especially with the people who help you win your football games.
The people who would like this movie are people who like movies about racial tension, good endings, good friendships, and funny movies. I really recommend this movie because it was hilarious and had the best ending ever. I loved it so much and I wanted to watch it over and over and over again. I always thought that the movie would be boring and make no sense but when I watched it I knew that it was absolutely the best movie ever.

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