Going out Versus Staying Home

After the hard workday, the people’s desire to have rest is prevailing over all other feelings. They can either go and see a concert, a play or a sporting event or watch TV at home. I prefer to attend a live performance because it is a source of exciting feelings of extended communication, it is an opportunity to visit with old friends, and it is a way of interrupting the home routine. First, nothing can be compared with the splendid vivid effects at a live performance. You can hear and see a live singer at the concert. Additionally, you can take an autographed photo with your idol. The feelings of the surrounding public are passed to you and raise your mood. Moreover, while attending a performance, you can renew your old affairs. For example, during break time, you can meet your old friends such as classmates or relatives you haven’t seen for a long time. You can also make your existing relationships even stronger. Finally, spending time outside the home is the best way to interrupt your daily routine. Every day after an exhausting workday, you have a lot of work to do at home. This work never ceases. So, it is necessary to restore you for the next day. Undoubtedly, in this case, nothing is better than several hours outside home in a relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, attending a performance gives us possibility to have feelings of excitement, to renew old affairs, and to restore our strength. Thus, I would rather go to a live performance than watch it on television.

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