Drunk Drivers don’t Get their License Suspended

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Why don’t drunk drivers don’t get their license suspended or lose their license for a long time? If someone is convicted of caught drunk driving he or she should lose his or her license for 2 years and then retake their driving test. Then when they feel like a responsible adult who cares about other people’s lives and one who won’t hurt a others by drunk driving after drinking too much at a party or a family gathering. Also, drunk drivers need to get jail time in some instances.

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“Drunk Drivers don’t Get their License Suspended”

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Also, think that if the person did not get punished they could kill which may result in others getting hurt who are very innocent people. Also, do you really want to go to jail for killing someone that is very innocent while you are drunk as hell from a party or family gathering? If you don’t get into trouble you will feel guilty as ever for killing a human being minding their darn business by just walking or running or bike riding or exercising to stay fit and healthy. Drunk drivers should have a longer span from their license because others think that losing license for one year will teach the woman or man or teenager a lesson, but if the drunk drivers don’t get a consequence that will teach them nothing but to keep on doing their bad behavior of killing someone while they were drunk or high. do you really want to go to jail?

That would be a very scary place and no one belongs them unless you committed a crime that involves murder theft and other things. Also, that will teach them hopefully to drink a responsible amount of alcohol that enters the body at a party or family gathering or holiday parties too. So I feel that if this happens the police will start giving them jail time to start to think about the damage they have done to the world and the people who they either killed or injured severely.

If this jail time doesn’t work then the drunk driver will lose their licenses for 5 to 6 years to be able to go to rehab to be a leader to their children who look up to the parents as good role models to make positive actions and a positive role model. Drunk drivers who are men and women and some teenagers need to think about what they’re doing and the consequences they could receive from their bad choices or bad influence to their younger and older children and teenagers. Police should give the drunk driver 2 warnings and then after that, they go to jail for 3 years. In all states, first offense DUI or DWI is classified as a misdemeanor and punishable by up to six months in jail. Jail time mark by increased under certain circumstances.

Fines in addition to sentences or can be played in high fees from $ 500 to $2,000 dollars to pay for being in jail for a long time for doing the wrong thing which is drunk driving that kills people or several injure the person. Fact: In 2014 9,967 people died in a drunk driving crash. In the United States, someone is killed in an alcohol-related crash every 51 minutes. Someone is injured in a drunk driving incident every 120 seconds basically every two minutes. 10,497 deaths from alcohol-impaired driving in the United States in 2016. 1,223 children and under killed in a drunk driving crash in 2016. In the United States alone someone is killed by a drunk driver every 45 minutes. Drunk driving most commonly occurs in rural countries than in major cities.

After getting out of jail from drunk driving the woman or man or teenager should go to rehab to stay sober. One opposing fact that people think drunk drivers shouldn’t go to jail for injuring someone or killing someone for being irresponsible for driving while drunk. There should be restrictions for getting out of jail and can’t get their license for 30 days after being outta jail for a while then start to drive to places that aren’t that far away. People think that drunk drivers should not go to jail because they made a choice to become drunk at a party or family gathering or a holiday party.

Other people think that the drunk driving law should be abolished because it doesn’t work anybody learns from drunk driving some do though and those who do learn their lesson they right away either go to rehab or some special treatment to be sober for a while so they other people have the same problem as them and they aren’t the only ones who have a drinking problem. On the other side, the people who don’t get drunk think that jail time is mandatory so the drunk drivers can learn their lesson that they could kill someone. In addition to legal penalties, the driver’s insurance company may cancel the insurance policy or drastically increase the rates because of the hit to the person’s driving record.

What do I think I should know about the issue of drunk driving?

I think I should know more about drunk drivers and the signs the driver gives when he/she is drunk driving. Drunk drivers are very dangerous people. Drivers who are drunk lets police officers know that you’re an irresponsible driver and can not how much he/she has drunk at a party or a family with only adults and no kids. Drunk drivers are reckless and very dangerous around human beings on the road and on the sidewalks. Drunk drivers are unaware of their surroundings and have a hard time seeing things clearly. So I think drunk drivers should go to jail for two or more years, to learn their damn lesson of being drunk around little kids, and should retake their temps’ tests and then retake their driver’s licenses to get there licenses over again.

Drunk driving is so dangerous that when the young or old adult is drunk they don’t realize that they are hurting their loved ones and their embarrassing there friends by being drunk and doing something stupid like having sex with another woman when you’re married to a woman who loves you so very much deep inside her heart. I really hope that one day people will realize that when they’re drunk to get a friend or family member to call them and ask them for a ride home because they’re too drunk to drive home safely. The drunk driver should ask a sober friend or family member home and hope they realize that they made a wrong choice.

What is one argument about the issue of drinking while drunk?

Most people have been to a part in their life where they don’t know if he or she is drinking too much alcohol at a party or a family gathering. Some people have a few too much to drink while at a bar and then he or she gets into the car and starts to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Some people think am I over the legal limit of being drunk at a bar or party or a family gathering. Some men and women think is my driving, dangerous right now, am I going to kill someone then go to jail for the rest of my life? Some people think will my arrest/ punishment would not be for reckless driving, it would be because he or she failed the test of drinking way too much anywhere in the world. “Murray Rothbard once told someone that he thinks drunk driving should be legal.

When he said that it stunned and shocked everyone around us about what Mr.Rothbard just said.” With laws against DUI, what’s being criminalized? Not reckless driving as such. Not aggression against anyone. What’s being criminalized is the chemical makeup of the blood in your body. That it’s self should be no crime. But some people say that drinking is associated with bad driving. Well, enforce the laws against reckless driving then lawmakers in the United States Of America. Laws against drunk driving have vastly expanded police power and done nothing to stop the practice. Over 97% of Americans view drunk driving as a threat to their lives and families lives. Unfortunately, most of us are unaware of what can happen to the victims of drunk drivers.

Well if a drinking driver’s BAC is over the limit of 0.08 his or he licenses may be suspended or revoked from a week to years. Also a convicted drunk driver may face fines and jail time and increased insurance costs and attorney fees, court costs lost time from work and penalties that vary from state to state. First thing anyone can do is make the choice themselves to not drink and drive. Most people who want to or need to go to rehab sometimes it works and sometimes it is very worthless to them and their families and the cost it is to try and make things better to try to be sober for as long as he or she can be. Did I mention that you can go to jail for drinking while driving. Zero tolerance laws are even tougher on underage drunk drivers. Young adult, under 21 years of age, can lose their licenses for a full year if they are found to have consumed even a small amount of alcohol. According to 2009 drunk driving statistics there were 10,839 traffic fatalities in alcohol-impaired-driving crashes. Even though drunk drivers face jail time when he or she gets out of jail he or she don’t hesitate to get right behind the wheel and start to drive again.

What is the opposing side of this issue of should people who are caught drunk driving lose their licenses for a year?
People who drive drunk think that the drinking while drunk should not be abolished at all. Then the man or woman refuse to go to rehab to become sober for a while so he or she can learn to drink a moderate amount of alcohol so he or she won’t become drunk from drinking to much. If you’re drunk have one of your friends take you home or call for an uber or get on a RTA bus or call a taxi. Why shouldn’t we drink and drive? We shouldn’t drink and drive because it often leads to motor vehicle accidents due to the facts that alcohol can impair your vision and driving skills overall.

Although traffic fatalities have been on the decline in recent years, alcohol related crashes still kill about 10,000 people per year in the United States with alcohol a factor in one of three vehicle deaths. Even though there are warnings public awareness and educational programs stiffer penalties for violations, people will still get behind the wheel of their vehicles while intoxicated with alcohol in there system. Child endangerment, drunk driving while there are little kids or teenagers can give the kids a bad idea that it is a good thing to drive while drunk that’s a bad impression on the kids and teenagers.

So the parents need to make a decision that if they’re going to have children in the car that they are going to have a good impression on the kids so the kids know that drunk driving is bad and that if you are driving drunk you could kill someone or get hurt really bad where they have to stay in a hospital for a few weeks until they recover from there injurie. Do more arrests have an effect? The la in the United States and throughout the world clearly declares that people should not drive while drunk. An estimated 500 to 2,000 drunk drivers incidents go unpenalized, although more arrests are made for drunk driving in Amercia than for any other offnese and significant sums are spent on enforcement. An increased risk of arrest can signifiacant reduce drunk driving.

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