Teenage Drunk Driving

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The consequences for teenage drunk driving will vary in different states but they are harsher because since they are being charged with both underage drinking and driving while under the influence. If their blood alcohol is near 0.05 to 0.07 percent and above they can and probably will be charged with an underage DUI and a possible adult DUI that can cause the penalties to increase further. In other states with teenage drinking and driving, you can also end up in jail for a year for first offense. For teens that have been caught drunk driving before more than once and teens that have been in an accident, the jail sentence will increase.

After then teens license has been reinstated the teens may be able to drive if the court allows it but they can drive if the court order the teen to install an ignition interlock device that they use the most out of the teens own expense. In 2016 451 teens with alcohol in their systems, 82% had 0.08 or higher past the legal driving limit. 60% of teens deaths from accidents involved alcohol. 27% of young male drivers have been involved in fatal crashes that involve alcohol and 15% of young female driver involved in a fatal accident that involves alcohol. The way that underage drinking and driving can affect your family is the financial impact.

You not only have to pay the court fee but there are a legal fee and probation fees that come with a DUI. A DUI can cost to $2,500 to $15,00 for a first-time offender and it will go higher for repeat offenders. It can also affect your family emotional too because it can cause a strain in relationship with loved ones. Injuries from an accident from drunk driving that are very vulnerable are the spinal cord, the legs and knees, neck, chest, and the brain. Injuries to the spinal cord can vary to the location and the severity of the injuries but it can cause partial or complete paralysis. Leg and knee injuries are usually when occurring in side impact collisions, the injuries you can get are broken bones, shattered knees, and torn ligament. Some victims that were involved in an accident has some trouble like walking. Neck injuries are probably the most vulnerable because in most the case whiplash is what happens more frequently but in more serious cases that the collision can crush your trachea and/or damage the larynx which can lead permanent difficulties to eating, breathing, and moving.

Chest injuries like broken ribs can be prevented by WEARING A SELTBELT. A seatbelt can protect your chest from hitting the dashboard or the steering wheel. Brain injuries can occur when the head hits the window, steering wheel, or dashboard   

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