Cellular Device Distract Drivers

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Drivers could get tested to get their Driver’s License and pass two different exams: a written and a driving test, but can they get tested while getting distracted on the phone? Well, I’m here to argue about the different situations that a driver could get into while driving and get distracted easily with something in the palm of their hand. The different situations that a driver could prevent while driving and getting distracted is texting and driving, eating while driving, listening to loud music while driving, and using a navigation system to get to a place that you don’t know.

I think that the driver’s need to be focused on the road so that they could not inaugurate a horrible accident, if people would like to prevent an accident, they should be careful in the road and decide to no pick up a ringing phone while driving, if they are late to school or go to work ; they should make something to eat at home and eat it there, when someone is driving they should not listen to music or put earphones to listen to music because if they do they can’t hear if an ambulance is coming their way and if someone is using their navigation system in a new car, they should first see the location before going to the destination and then know which streets or highways you are going to enter.

First, the use of handheld connected devices while driving, particularly for texting and during phone-to-ear conversations, cause visual, manual, and cognitive distraction. In addition to texting, placing phone calls, and using navigation devices, the “app and drive” phenomenon is another distraction-related driving danger. “App and drive” involve the use of social media and other smartphone-based applications while behind the wheel. Many teens are texting and using social media behind the wheel more often than in the past, which is making an unsafe situation even worse.” Younger drivers display lower levels of executive function and are more prone to impulsive behavior than adults. In “Distracted Driving” by Gale is talking about how hands-free devices are widely permitted under the traffic laws of most American jurisdictions, some experts and researchers believe that they are no safer than handheld devices when used while driving. Hands-free devices are strongly associated with cognitive distraction and inattentional blindness, thus increasing the risk of accidents. These types of distractions are entirely avoidable by planning to make sure such tasks do not need to be carried out behind the wheel. Other activities that can cause a distraction for drivers include adjusting in-vehicle climate controls, selecting music or tuning the vehicle’s radio, listening to loud music, and carrying on involved conversations with other passengers. Prevention is the single most effective intervention against distracted driving, and many law enforcement, government, and safety advocacy agencies have launched campaigns designed to educate the public on the dangers it poses.

Next, many drivers could get distracted while eating a delicious meal from a fast – food restaurant like McDonald's or Burger King, the situation is that they have time management, there are four main reasons that a driver should not be eating while driving which is that fast food items come in paper bags that must be unfolded, wrappers that must be removed, require sauce packets that must be torn and squirted, and often drip onto the most inconvenient surfaces. If you bring along leftovers from home to consume during your commute, you must juggle container lids, cutlery, and less-than-convenient foods. Large to-go cups can obscure your field of vision as you bring them towards your mouth for a gulp. Straws need to be unwrapped and inserted into lids, taking your hands and eyes off the road for several seconds. Popular twenty-ounce sodas have caps that can be awkward to remove and replace and seemingly take on a life of their own as the fly through the vehicle and under the seat, never to be found again. The smells and sounds of passengers eating while you are attempting to concentrate on the important task of driving, not to mention offers of fries and “bites,” can tempt you to turn around and take your eyes off the road. Every time you hit up the drive-thru for a quick bite to eat, you are left with a paper sack full of trash, an empty cup, and a pile of greasy napkins. It’s easy to toss this mess into the floorboard, creating a potentially hazardous cluttered driving environment. In “Driving – tests website” , There are many ways on how drivers could prevent these actions like eating your delicious meal before you enter to your motorized vehicle, don’t ever keep food in a vehicle that could distract you from driving, drivers could get hungry on the road; they should go to a parking lot and eat it there instead on the road, it is best to use a small and slimmer container to package that delicious snack.

Finally, there are many drivers that can get distracted by only using a navigation system in their car, In-vehicle technology has come a long way to make driving more convenient and enjoyable. Elaborate navigation systems have transformed the way we drive, making it easier than ever to move between appointments more efficiently. The problem is especially prevalent among younger drivers. Another recent AAA study found that drivers ages 19 to 24 were 1.6 times as likely (66%) as other drivers (40%) to report having read a text message or e-mail while driving in the last 30 days. Drivers in this age group were also almost twice as likely (59%) as other drivers to report having typed or sent a text message or e-mail while driving. In some states, writing and reading texts, e-mails, and instant messages is illegal. Other states prohibit drivers under a certain age from using any handheld device while driving, and many states have extended the rules to prohibit all kinds of hands-free interactions.

In conclusion, this what I think that drivers should change while they are driving and should pay close attention to the road, when someone is driving, they should leave their cellular device in vibrate and not pick it up , eat meals before driving , and first look at the destination and then use the navigation system.

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