Unstated Assumption in Mothers against Drunk Driving

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The most apparent assumption that is made by this social movement is that drinking causes death. Even though drinking definitely potentially cause death to oneself or another but not everyone drinks to a certain point where the person is almost to blacking out. This assumption is a reality assumption because it is very true that alcohol does cause impairment or disorientation to oneself. People have different tolerances on how much alcohol one can take but another factor that plays a role with alcohol intake is the situation. For example, high school or college parties usually a lot of alcohol in a short amount of time or an adults christmas party usually it is drinking over a long period of time.

Along with this assumption, MADD also is implying that all people are not thinking ahead or being smart about the decisions of drinking at a party and how a person is getting home. This assumption is definitely one of the most obvious ones and that it is definitely real that alcohol does disorient someone. Another assumption that is made by MADD is that every young person under 21 is drinking. Not every teenager or young adult is drinking but also their is underage drinking as well. For example, high school parties and college parties and that teenagers that live close to these colleges or universities have an easier access to alcohol. This assumption is more reality because you can not stop some teenagers from drinking.

Young adults are sometimes peer pressured into drinking from their friends or just want to try out something since their friends are doing it or show off to their friends and act cool. This social movement on their webpage does give statistics about deaths and potential lifelong negative effects such as youth who start drinking before age 15 are 6 times more likely to develop alcohol dependence or abuse later in life.' (MADD) This movement assuming that all teenagers or young adults under the age of 21 are drinking is a very broad unstated assumption because not all kids drink.

Lastly, the third assumption that is made within this social group is that victim panels help lessen drunk driving. Drunk driving definitely is emotional topic and that it evokes people's psychological feelings and usually drunk driving could potentially happen to anybody. This assumption is a value assumption because it definitely ties in some emotions and that MADD wants this to happen. It is very sad to see victims that have been affected by drunk driving and the on MADs web page there is a photo gallery of the lives that were lost due to drunk driving.

The people that are a part of MADD are usually have been affected with impaired driving. EVERY crash has a devastating impact on victims and their friends, family, classmates and coworkers. (MADD) This is the statement displayed in front of the photos of victims and that brings an emotional tie to the viewer. This value assumption holds a lot of emotions because you can't undo what has been done and that you can't bring someone back. These assumptions that MADD unstates are definitely tied to emotions in some way because drunk driving usually always ends fatally.

Out of the three assumptions, two of them are agreeable for me and that the assumption with all teenagers or young adults illegally drinking is not really a huge problem but instead maybe instead focus on why people drink and drive and go more into the psychological side of it. Drunk driving is definitely a horrible and scary thought and act, nobody should have to face it but there's always going to be dumb people out there making the wrong choice leading to potential death. MADD is definitely doing a great job at helping victims and pushing laws to decrease drunk driving. Drunk driving is one act that should not be taken lightly and that people need to face consequences. Works Cited Mothers Against Drunk Driving. MADD, www.madd.org/.

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