Advantages and Disadvantages Passengers and Drivers

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Throughout my experience of being a passenger and a driver, it has been quite a journey. It was my first driving lesson with my mom and we went to an empty parking lot for me to get a feel of driving before I hit the road. But it was so hard for me to focus and concentrate on the road because she kept yelling at me when I would make a mistake, for example, she would say “STOP do not hit the crib” or “HIT THE BREAK”. Therefore, this is an example of my first time being the driver. My experience of being a passenger is pretty laid back because I get the chance to relax. And I often help the driver with directions if they need them. Being a passenger and a driver, both come with similar situations and different situations.

They’re similar because they both need to get to a destination, and the passenger can be a co-pilot. The differences would be that a driver has to stay awake, keep eyes on the road, and making sure everyone gets to his or her destination safely. While the passenger can relax, give directions, and be a second eye. There are many advantages and disadvantages that come into play when being a driver. Some advantages would be, they have the say so on the destination and the time they leave, drivers also have a lot of freedom, but freedom can come at a massive cost. For example, the disadvantage of that could be buying gas to fill up the tank every two weeks. Being the driver can also be fun, however, it takes a big responsibility for one to handle the car. Being a driver can also be good because we will never know if public transportation is available depending on where we live. A few disadvantages would be traffic and safety issues. An irritating disadvantage of driving in traffic would be because traffic can make people late for anything such as school, important events, and business meetings.

Being stuck in traffic can also cause people to burn fuel faster. When driving, safety issues can be a huge disadvantage because people do not always wear their seatbelts, and airbags are not always on. Which can remain more dangerous than any other models of transportation? I feel that driving is important because I will have the ability to go anywhere I want, do things on my own whenever I want, therefore I will not have to depend on my parents or friends to get me to my destination and be safe at the same time. Passengers do not have to focus on anything important since they’re not controlling the car. There are various pros and cons that I can relate to from being a passenger. In other words, during some short trips I took in my home county with my mom, I tend to relax and scroll through my phone, enjoy the landscape. I will often have a good conversation with her mostly to try and keep us entertained.

Most of the time I play with the radio to find a station I want to listen to. Cons of me being a passenger would be, when the driver gets annoying it makes me uncomfortable. For example, when I am in the car with my siblings, they tend to be aggravating and annoying because I would be sitting in the passenger seat. I feel like if I was in the driver’s seat they would not act as if I horrible for sitting in the passenger’s seat. In addition, being a passenger is most important to me because I feel like I should be the one who entrains everyone in the car and put a smile on their faces until we reach our destination. Also, being a good co-pilot, having a good sense of direction, and staying calm, so I will not distract the driver are all an important role. In reality it is always good to be very respectful to the driver, this is because the driver is the leader of the car. When I look at Passengers and drivers my perception shifts between two roles, and this is because passengers have less pressure on them due to them not being in control of the car. Drivers, on the other hand, have a sense of responsibility because they are in control of getting to the destination. While also, maintaining their slight awareness surroundings.

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