Michael Jordan Got Suspended

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Did Michael Jordan get secretly suspended by the NBA at the time of his 2nd retirement?
When Michael retired for the 2nd time in his career everyone thought it was because he had nothing else to accomplish in NBA career, but what if he was secretly suspended by the NBA for his gambling habits and the involvement in his father's death. Michael Jordan's retirement in 1993 was a crazy one with a lot of conspiracy theories around it but the reason Michael Jordan retired was that the NBA really suspended him for a year because of his gambling problems and his involvement in his dad’s death.

Michael Jordan had terrible gambling habits. He was frequently seen at bars and casinos rolling the dice late at night before a game. Michael Jordan was frequently seen at casinos gambling before important games. As a matter of fact, it's said that Michael Jordan got about 1 hour of sleep a night because he was always gambling.[Warond] On one weekend a convicted drug dealer was found in possession of a 57,000 dollar check signed by Michael Jordan himself[Smith]. At first, Michael Jordan said it was a business loan but later admitted that is was a check to pay back a weekends gambling loss[Smith]. In the NBA it's illegal to gamble that late at night and you can't bet on games, Michael Jordan did both. It's said that a reporter was walking thru the Chicago Bulls Clubhouse when he overheard Michael Jordan saying “ So the betting line for tonight's game is -7 right?”[Smith]. In any sport betting on games is illegal as a player, just look at Pete Rose, he got kicked out of baseball for betting on games and is not allowed to be put in Baseballs hall of fame even tho he is one of the best players to ever play baseball.

In 1993 Michael Jordan was linked to his father's death[Wiederer]. In 1993 Michael Jordan's father was killed[Wiederer]. Michael Jordan was quickly linked to his father's murder because one of his father's killers had a check signed by Michael Jordan[PeteM]. When MJ was interviewed it was the same story, it was a business loan but then later he admitted that this was another check because believe it or not Michael Jordan lost in gambling[PeteM]. Michael Jordan got off the Hook Clean but this made many people wonder, is their a darker side to Michael Jordan? A popular reason people believe Michael Jordan's father was killed was because Michael Jordan never paid back the full gambling payment. The NBA most definitely heard about this and Suspended him.

One Might argue that Michael Jordan just retired. If their gonna spend all that time secretly suspending him they might as well let the Whole world know because the NBA suspends players all the time during the season so what makes this any more important. However Michael Jordan was at the time the best player in the NBA, so the NBA thought that the NBA fans would get mad if they suspended him so they just made him retire because it would make sense, by now Michael Jordan had won 3 NBA championships and it was proven that Michael Jordan had thought about retirement. Therefore that is why the NBA made him retire.

Michael Jordan gambled a lot and he might of been involed in his fathers death. These are things that would’ve of got any NBA player suspended. When Michael Jordan retired everyone was shocked but did he secretly suspended for gambling and possible involment in his fathers death

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