Negative Effects of Drunk Driving

Due to the lack of awareness for the negative effects of drunk driving, my solution for this problem is to create a horror film in which shows the effects of drunk driving and how it could hurt several people and in some cases the driver is the only one standing in the end. People do not realize that when consuming alcohol, their coordination and reaction time decrease and therefore become impaired. This horror happens all over the world so therefore it is a social horror and effects many peoples lives including families and friends of the people that die. The level of horror that this film relates to is the actual horror which shocks people. We never think that these terrifying events actually occur, but in reality they do all the time.

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“Negative Effects of Drunk Driving”

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People do not realize that drinking and driving is dangerous. According to Science Net Thinks, drunk driving effects reaction time, vision, concentration, comprehension, and coordination. Just imagine, not being able to have control of your body and having blurry vision. There are state laws that are currently in action that state that driving at a BAC level of 0.08 or higher can result in a DUI, but why do people still drive when they are impaired? There are many preventative precautions that can be taken to prevent drunk driving from occurring. The CDC recommends people who are drinking to have a designated drive or to call a cab so that they are not putting their lives or other lives in danger. By creating this film, it will show people that not only is there a law prohibiting it, but it will also show the extreme consequences that could occur including death and jail time. Let’s bring more awareness to drunk driving and the effects that it creates. Let’s change the world one life at a time.

Drunk driving is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. In 2016, about ten thousand people died due to being in an accident under the influence of alcohol according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Those deaths could have been prevented if there was more awareness about the negative effects that occur. The chances of getting in a crash while driving under the influence is high especially for those that are younger. Teenagers are close to ten times more likely to get in an accident while impaired because their bodies cannot handle the alcohol as well and therefore they loose control.

That doesn’t mean that those who are older aren’t affected. Everyone can be affected by the effects of drunk driving and it can result in physical and emotional harm. There are several campaigns that are out there involving drunk driving because it is such world wide problem. According to the NHTSA, everyday, almost 29 people in the United States die in alcohol-impaired vehicle crashes-that’s one person in every 50 minutes in 2016. One of the campaigns is called drive sober or get pulled over. This campaign has saved over thirty thousand lives. Another campaign that is well known is buzzed driving is drunk driving. This campaign has helped create a safer way for people to get home if they are under the influence and has minimized the number of drunk drivers on the road. Overall, drunk driving isn’t getting enough attention because people still do it all of the time.

There are many penalties that one can experience by drunk driving. According to the DMV, if found guilty it can result in fines, jail time, community service, DUI school, and even an ignition interlock device. By making this movie, it will show how drunk driving can change someones life in a second. If we created this film to show the effects of drunk driving then we could reach thousands of people and stop people from driving after drinking. Lets change the world by creating this film and promoting safe driving so that the death rate will go down.

The film that I am proposing starts out with the setting of prom night. Jack, Jessica, Drew, and Danielle are having a great time partying it up with their other friends and having the best time at this high school event. It is their senior year so therefore this is the last prom that they will be going to. This part of the story is Apollonian because everything is normal. After this year, they will all go off to different colleges, so they are making sure that they make the best of this night. After the dance, Jack, Jessica, Drew, and Danielle go to a get together at their friend’s house to keep the night going.

Drinks are handed to them right when they walk in the door and they keep on coming. The night is getting late so therefore they are about to leave and head home. Jack drove them all to the dance so therefore he is supposed to drive home. Looking at his other friends capability, he thinks that he is the one that is sober enough to drive. All four of them get in their car and start heading home. They get on the freeway and start driving to the other side of town. Now, this is when the film goes into Dionysian due to the story turning into a horror and events occur in which shift the plot. Next thing you know, their car starts driving into the opposite direction and crashes into the median and flips several times.

Paramedics arrive at the scene and declare Jessica, Drew, and Danielle dead due to the impact of the crash. Jack is in critical condition and taken by helicopter to the nearest hospital. For several days, he remains in a coma and when he finally wakes up, he asks where his friends are. He is shocked to hear that they all didn’t make it. A great night at prom turned into his worst nightmare. He reached for his phone and it was blowing up with messages from his parents and all of his friends parents. Was Jack going to have to tell his friends parents that he killed all of them?

My budget for this film is ten hundred thousand dollars. I will need a group of nineteen cast members to make this short film. I will need a sound manager to control the sounds of the cast and the effects, a cinematographer to film, an editor to edit the film after it is completed,an art design manager to create the props, a gaffer to monitor the lighting and electricity, a gripper to aid in the lighting, and a digital intermediate to bring out the quality of the film.We will need to rent a camera for the cinematographer and costumes for the cast members. Lastly, we will need a location in which portrays the scenes of the movie. By having all of the proper equipment and jobs, this film will be created to have the purpose of changing lives and saving lives. Since this is a short film, it will be about five minutes so therefore it will take about a day or two to create and edit it.

Drunk driving happens all over the world and the deaths that occur can be prevented for future accidents. By creating this film, we can reach thousands of people and show the effects that driving under the influence causes. By doing this, the death rate will go down because people will realize that this is a serious matter and instead of driving under the influence, they could call a friend to pick them up or even take an uber. Also, they will realize that they are not only affecting their lives, but they are also putting their friends and families lives in harm. We need to create this film because it will benefit thousands of people and help the world become a more safe place.

I am asking you to fund my movie so that we can help make the world a better place and bring awareness to this major issue. People need to start taking precaution so that their lives and others lives aren’t affected.There is a lot of research behind drunk driving and the effects that it creates. There are already laws that prohibit drunk driving, but people still do it. By creating this realistic film, people will realize how serious it is. An emotional bond will be created between the audience and the film due to the suspense that it creates. Imagine this, thousands of people will see this film and take precaution and that will result in lives saved. Let’s end drunk driving.

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