Heroin/opioid Addiction is Serious

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It is impossible to determine the contents of heroin on the streets because they are cut with other substances. Films like Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, and deaths of popular celebrities like Kurt Cobain and Mac Miller. One of the dangers of heroin cause individuals to become physically and psychologically dependent and interfere with the normal functions of life. Very rarely, people use heroin and don’t develop an addiction but usually get hooked after their first time using. A quarter of the people develop a dependency on it. There are many treatments available to help battle heroin addiction. What you experience during heroin addiction treatment varies on the individual. Factors like the length of use, amount of use, and the environment. Recovery will depend on the ability to understand and cope with challenges and any other issues, like mental disorders, that may contribute to the dependency.

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“Heroin/opioid Addiction is Serious”

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Residential treatment centers, rehabilitation services, therapy, and 12 step programs like NA are available. The first step is admitting that one has a problem and then it’s withdrawal. This withdrawal time allows for chemical withdrawal from the drug. To free the body of the mind and mood altering substance. Prescriptions for methadone or suboxone can be obtained medically to help with the symptoms of withdrawals. However, the MAT medications need to be monitored so there is no abuse to them. As the withdrawal symptoms come to an end, therapy should be started. Programs and therapy are essential to the recovery process. It allows a place of security and non-judgment. Families of heroin addicts tend to go to therapy also, to cope with the family changes and challenges. Staying connected to an outpatient program is important in recovery. Medically Assisted Heroin Detox, cognitive behavior therapy, 12 step programs.

Education lectures, counseling and family therapy are all sources available. Heroin/opioid addiction is serious and treatable but not curable. There is so much help available to anyone who has a problem. Education is key to treating opioid addiction. Harm reduction programs help minimize the worldwide effects of heroin use. Many people argue the federal government should battle the public health crisis. As of January 2018, there is no head of the DEA as overdoses are on the rise. The federal government needs to rethink their mission to battle this epidemic. The Food and Drug Administration keeps approving and marketing new highly addictive opioids to the marketplace. More availability of opioids gives greater risk for abuse. AS the DEER tries to limit manufacturers of pills and crack down on doctors and illegal drug dealers, other forms become available. There needs to be more authority to impose change.

Funding is also under control of multiple departments in the government. The task should be to educate health professionals and take begin new testing approaches to this epidemic and manage better treatment plans. In times of crisis, a major change needs to happen and leadership needs to be announced. The DEA, FDA, law enforcement and National Institute of Drug Abuse and Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration along with the Center for disease control should work together. We need to change how this country views addiction and how to prevent addictions worldwide epidemic. The programs for treatment and prevention will cost billions of dollars. Without centralizing responsibility and finding the right leadership, we will lose much more than money, we will continue to lose lives and society will continue to break down.

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