Drug Abuse of Minority Groups

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There are various personal qualities and abilities that I feel will be helpful in the social work profession. Firstly, competence is a valuable attribute that I require to demonstrate professional skills and understanding of social contexts. In most cases, troubled persons in the society would prefer a social worker that is diligent and understands the scope of their work. Secondly, the respect for the value and dignity of a person will be helpful in social work. Among the abilities include a passion for service. The fact that social work does not generate profits, passion, and devotion to service is a crucial ability that every worker should portray. Additionally, I must be able to establish or strengthen human relations. A combination of the abilities and personal characteristics improve my service as a social worker.

My strengths and areas of improvement form an environment of edification. As a strength, I am patient with persons seeking services. This attribute helps me to understand the root causes of the challenges facing young persons in marginalized areas. Further, I am organized and flexible. The two attributes have since improved my interpersonal relationships with the victims in the society from cases of drug use, violence, and poverty. My areas of improvement include the need to outsource for specific donors and resourceful parties that can help break the vicious cycle of poverty. Additionally, I have identified that I would need to create social groups and representations in the minority group as a way of facilitating social participation. Allowing the members of the disadvantaged communities to participate in their own reforms and social change would be instrumental in promoting appreciation of ideas and incentives.

My professional interests and goals act as a driving force in my daily endeavors. Firstly, the most prominent goal is to educate and empower the youth in minority cultures and communities. Empowerment at the society level includes the education and instilling of values and virtues. Additionally, I strive to contribute and improve the social work profession. To do so, I will create incentives and social attributes through which the young persons in the community can participate. Among my social work goals include promoting social welfare through an all-inclusive participation plan. I am interested in community participation field of practice, minority groups such as people of color and homeless persons. My interests in these groups include the fact that they do not have resources to outsource for professionals to argue their needs.

Among the contributions I wish to make in the profession include the creation of active participant groups. The groups will range from simple social interaction activities such as sports to advocacy groups such as children’ homes and social insurance funds. The active social participation will be more realistic in making a significant positive impact to the marginalized communities. Some of the reasons I opted training in social work from other fields was the rising social gap. There is an extensive social gap in the determination to help the helpless. As a result, I felt more connected to making a change out of compassion. Improving the livelihoods of the disadvantaged groups by empowering them to make personal and social changes is far-reaching. Clearly, social work is a passion for the betterment of a society that has no resources and infrastructures for the change.

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