Air Battle Manager

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An air battle manager (ABM) is a specially trained officer meticulously trained to match their highly demanding job. They are expected to carry out very crucial duties in the Air force and are therefore expected to be sharp and very keen. Their main functions are effect controlling of assigned forces, planning, organizing and directing operations. He is also in charge conducting the tactical missions and air defense, the sensor system management and operation management like the data link. He or she is further entitled to supervise the staff and provide technical advice where it is required. It is also his or her duty to supervise the mission crew activities. The air battle manager is the one in charge of selecting and employing the combat, surveillance, data link and reporting management systems. He also interprets specific commands into procedural guidance for the controller actions. The ABM is also in charge of evaluating the readiness of the support equipments. He also advises the commander on the readiness of forces based the status records. He is the one in charge of conducting lying and other simulated exercises to evaluate readiness. The ABM also establishes the procedures and monitoring implementations of squadrons programs and policies. He is the one who conducts and adjusts the training plans and programs so as to meet the mission requirements. These are among of the many duties the ABM carries out in the air force. An air battle manager should exude exemplary leadership skills such that he can fit into the leadership position without coaxing his or her subject to a difficult life. A good air battle manager should be a good time keeper, so that he can go through his daily duties he has to develop a routine which he must follow toughly so as to avoid leaving some duties unattended to. He or she should be a good team builder since he is expected to build forces in the base he should be able to join different people together based on their abilities and they make a good air force team. He or she should be patient this is to avoid making hasty decisions which would have very catastrophic outcomes. He or she should be humane or kind, he should not risk the lives of his men in places he cannot go himself therefore should not experiment with the lives of the others. Similarly, he should be able to think critically and make crucial decisions when in a dilemma since he has the duty to run operations and a situation can arise at any time. Those are the leadership an ABM should harbor. An air battle manager is expected to have a deployment every six months in a year which do not last for long they are mostly deployed for some special and specific missions. This is because they fall under the group band E whose tempo is based on the mission availability or in case of a sudden change. The temporary duty assignment is usually offered and the air battle manager can return to his duties when it is over it is commonly done for to help an under manned post or for the officers to attend school for further studies. Therefore these are the tempo standing of an air battle manager the post I am applying for.

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