The Description of Future Personal Leadership Development Goals and State

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Leadership development goals are necessary so that organizational leaders can improve their qualities, skills, and impacts they have on others. Future leadership development goals will be mostly based on motivating or inspiring common employees to become leaders. The goals will further be based on improving employees and motivating them to be better individuals, especially in the workplace. In general, future leadership development goals will be based on personal development. One leadership development goal that is not focused a lot currently but is likely to be prioritized in the future is the improvement of interpersonal skills. All organizational leaders in the future will be probably required to have effective people skills that will boost their interactions and relationships with others. Good people skills ensure that employees do not fear to approach a leader. Taking time to listen to the opinions of employees is one of the leadership development goals that will be prioritized by organizational leaders in the future (Avolio & Gardner, 2005).

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“The Description of Future Personal Leadership Development Goals and State”

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Another leadership development goal that will probably be prioritized in the future is the effectiveness in workload management. An effective leader should be able to manage his work appropriately and ensure he can complete it within set periods of time. Effectiveness in the management of workload will involve learning set realistic deadlines, prioritize certain types of work and appropriately delegate tasks out to employees. Effective management of workload will enable organizational leaders to produce quality work and improve their performance (Day, 2000).

Prioritization of the two leadership development goals in the future will most likely help in improving the general performance and productivity of organizations. Moreover, it will help in the appropriate delegation of roles and inspiration for employees. Besides general organizational performance, it will boost the individual performance and productivity of employees.
Christian values are an important aspect of organizational leadership since they ensure it is effective and sustainable. Biblical leadership is based on spiritual power. Biblical leadership emphasizes that a Christian leader should have full knowledge of their source of strength. Secular leadership is based on personal, expert power, positional and resource power. A major characteristic of communication is that it occurs between two parties and it is a two-way process.

Moreover, communication can either be formal or informal. It can further be verbal or non verbal as well. Some leadership differences in organizations are brought about by gender. Future leadership development goals will be based majorly on personal development.

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