Essays on Deforestation

Essay about Deforestation

Rainforests are not only beautiful; they are extremely beneficial and important. A great number of the population more than likely feels as if forests are more of a remote issue, but that is a false assumption- their ecosystems are crucial to our well-being (Butler). Rainforests not only contain almost half of the animal and plant species, but they provide a large number of medical resources- 25% of the modern medicine provided for today comes from the forest.(Littlewood)

If you stop for a second, observe your surrounding and you will notice a large number of items that came from rainforests, items such as: woods(used for making houses and decks, tools, and furniture), coconuts, fruits and vegetables, etc. Given this information, you may recognize that they are truly more valuable than you knew before and that they are a significant necessity to our existence. So, why do people find deforestation as a need? Deforestation involves cutting, clearing, and removing rainforests or similar ecosystems for easier ecosystems such as pastures or plantations.( Kricher, 1997).

Creating room for expansion is probably the primary reason for deforestation, when you start wiping out forests and trees it allows a much larger space to form businesses and roadway systems in a much more manageable way. Another reason as to why it is considered a positive advancement is that it provides for civilization and industrialization. A vast majority of forests are often left untouched and unused, implying that these parts of land could be used for a much more effective cause. For example, these lands could be transformed into agricultural sites, which would allow a large multitude of families and children to be fed. Fundamental facilities (infrastructures) could also be a result of clearing the land; infrastructures are a very successful way to help economies grow and flourish- which would mean that the people who were indwelling in these economies would be affected by this for the better(Ayres).

However, many of these resources would be temporary, since there would be trees that are no more abundant, some profits may not last long. These are the major defenses for people who find deforestation to be a beneficial resolve for our economy and our future. From my side of the argument, deforestation is an extremely negative and unnecessary notion; while doing research many people seemed to agree with me on this particular opinion. While deforestation does have its advancements, it carries a great deal of baggage and negative outcomes, unfortunately. As stated before, animals/plants and medical resources are found in forests, when you remove the forests you are taking away these living beings’ homes from them. It is a proven fact that when you remove a habitat, it further leads to extinction- it is an animal’s given impulse to hit survival mode in all circumstances, so when an animal’s home is removed, they are going to find a different environment that is not suitable for them (Ayres). One of the main reasons that deforestation is a big problem is because of how it affects our air.

Trees contain large amounts of carbon dioxide and convert during photosynthesis. When you destroy the trees, all of the carbon dioxides is being released, causing major consequences- negative effects on sea levels and causing species (polar bears) to be dislodged from their natural habitat. When the sea ice melts it results in the bears being unable to hunt, leading to starvation (Cairoli). Trees also release water, which keeps the ground fertile and fresh, removing the trees is also removing the water- leaving a much drier land, which could result in a drought. Losing these environmental necessities also means losing biodiversity.

This is very consequential because the large variety of unique species could eventually become completely abolished. Forests are an important food source for 1 billion people in developing countries (Cairoli), so destroying the forests, which then destroys the climate change, destroying the crops growing there results in a major loss of valuable food. When food becomes scarce and threatened, prices increase making it harder for families to be fed- resulting in starvation (Cairoli). Deforestation has both advantages and disadvantages to our economy and our people. The consequences that are the result of deforestation seem to outweigh the advantages. The good that deforestation provides is not always promised and is not going to be considered long-lasting.

Unfortunately, the removal of forests only continues to grow and does not show signs of stopping in the near future.  

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