Deforestation Doubts by Mannat Ahluwalia

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There is too much deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.. The Amazon is in nine different countries of South America, but most of it is in Brazil. It covering so many countries, makes sense that it is one of the largest rainforests in the world. The Rainforest is decreasing at the rate of 27 soccer fields every minute. Approximately ten thousand species live in the Amazon. Deforestation has gone too far and it needs to stop. What Does the Amazon Have There are around 10 million different plant and animal species in the Amazon Rainforest. When the forest is chopped down or burned, the plants and animal are killed or homeless. Every single animal or plant is very important to the ecosystem. They are all part of a food web, if something makes the food web unbalanced such as deforestation, one species can become overpopulated or even extinct. It is also home to many tribes. That’s right, people live in the rainforest. They will also be greatly affected by deforestation. These people, if not killed will be separated from their family for safety. If all the trees have been cut down where they live, where are they going to go? The Amazon is being deforestation for a profit. Imagine how much damage there is when people are burning down the rainforest of cutting down all the trees. All of that for a profit. You can kill all these plants/animals for profit. How it HelpsThe Rainforest also does things to help us. Plants take in the CO2 that we breathe out and make it into oxygen that we can breathe in again. We need oxygen to live, and these plants provide that. Did you know that many medicines come from plants? The rainforest has a lot of plants that can be turned into medicine that can cure many diseases and ill people. The rainforest reduces pollutant levels. By burning fossil fuels, it releases carbon dioxide. The plants help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere and replaces it with oxygen. A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people. -Franklin D. Roosevelt. Even Franklin D. Roosevelt thinks that rainforests do so much and we are destroying that. (Testimonial) The rainforest has many valuable things that are more valuable than money.

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“Deforestation Doubts by Mannat Ahluwalia”

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So Much WaterThe Amazon River itself holds ?…• of the world’s freshwater. That’s a lot and that isn’t even including all the water in the ground or extra water sources in the rainforest. Deforestation is making it harder and harder to access water. Plants hold in a lot of water. With all these plants dying, it can’t hold in the water that is in the soil. Deforestation also decreases the quality of the water. Soil erosion affects the quality of the water as well as burning trees. Bacteria goes in the water, as well as other gases that are released when the rainforest burns. Because of how much water the rainforest has, it plays a huge role in the water cycle. The water cycle is one of the main supports of an ecosystem, you need a water cycle, and the Amazon plays a big role in that. A lot of water is in the rainforest and a lot of it is going to waste.Why is This Okay?Although deforestation is bad, it has helped the Brazilian economy a lot. For example, those trees that are being cut down can be made into furniture and can be eventually sold. However, those trees have a better, bigger and more important purpose. Providing oxygen and reducing carbon levels. Deforestation also creates room for farming. With the amount of space created, you could feed thousands of starving people through farming. People also live in the rainforest. There are so many tribes. Taking their home away will also make them starve. This is not a win-win situation. Deforestation creates space for new roads. Making it easier and faster for people to travel. Building roads through the forest splits the ecosystem that lives there. It splits it in half. This results in an unbalanced ecosystem. One species can become overpopulated or underpopulated. All the positive outcomes of deforestation come with a devastating result that is not worth it. In Conclusion…Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is not okay. Think of all the animals, plants, and even people who live there, you can’t let them die because of some profit. (Transfer) You can help, though. You can support and fund many organizations that are against deforestation. One of them is the Rainforest Alliance. Many products at your local grocery store have this symbol on it. This will help towards saving the rainforest.

Do your part and help save one of the most amazing places in the world.

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