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Plate Tectonics and it’s Role

It’s been a few weeks since we began Science class and we’ve learned a lot of interesting things, and some of those things include, landforms that form at convergent boundaries, landforms that form at divergent boundaries, how convection currents work inside the earth, the theory of plate tectonics, and don’t even get me started on […]

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Yellowstone Volcano

Introduction Yellowstone National Park is located in the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. It is a popular park because it is home to over 10,000 features, several mountain ridges, headwater of 3 major western river system (?, 2015). Nevertheless, to say that is a beautiful place to visit, millions of visitors are unaware […]

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How Volcanoes are Formed?

A volcano is a rupture in the crust of a planetary-mass object, such as Earth, that allows hot lava, volcanic ash, and gases to escape from a magma chamber below the surface. The highest active volcano is Ojos del Salado. This volcano is located in South America. The effects of The volcano erupting are stuff […]

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Volcanoes in Portland, Oregon

Located in Portland, Oregon, there lie many volcanoes. When thinking of volcanoes, Oregon doesn’t come to mind right away; however, Portland, Oregon is located along the Cascade Volcanic Arc, and is home to and around 5 volcanoes: Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood, Powell Butte Nature Park, Mount Tabor, and Rocky Butte Nature Area. Personally, I […]

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Volcanoes and their Landforms

When it came to deciding what topic to choose for this research paper, I selected volcanoes because they have always captivated me. After all, I’ve seen them my whole life in books and in movies. Lakes of fire and explosive aerial bombs tend to be fascinating. But the thing was, I didn’t really understand how […]

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Volcanoes: Interesting Phenomenon

They happen due to the molten rock, debris, and gases that are emitted from beneath the Earth’s surface. Essentially, what volcanoes do is help the Earth release the tension that builds up. When magma and large amounts of gas build up under the surface, eruptions can be explosive, expelling lava, rocks and ash into the […]

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Volcanoes Effect on Climate Change

Earth’s climate has continued to change throughout its history. In the beginning, when Earth was first created, volcanic eruptions contributed to the creation of the early atmosphere. Supervolcanoes have had the largest impact on Earth’s past climate, causing global changes that last for several years. Recent volcanic eruptions continue to alter Earth’s climate and atmosphere. […]

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Extraterrestrial Volcanoes

A volcano is defined, by NASA, as an opening on the surface of a planet or moon that allows material warmer than its surroundings to escape from its interior. While volcanoes are a generally thought of as a feature of Earth, there are plenty of other planets and even moons with a range of extinct, […]

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Submarine Volcanoes

Submarine volcanoes are ruptures on the earth’s surface that are found underwater from which magma erupts. Volcanic activities on terrestrial land are widespread and accessible for study, and as a result, a lot is known about these activities. However, unlike terrestrial volcanoes, very little is known about submarine volcanic activities (Cashman & Fiske, 1991). It […]

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How Volcanoes Influence Climate

Volcanic eruptions both cool and heat the earth. When a volcano erupts, dust, ash, and sulfur are released into the atmosphere. Depending on how light the particles are, some will travel to the stratosphere while larger ones will fall to the earth’s surface. Small particles of dust and ash that remain in the stratosphere block […]

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Mount Kilimanjaro

>Location & Description  Mount Kilimanjaro is situated entirely within the borders of Tanzania, although is situated close to the border of Kenya. It is situated 3 degrees, or about 340 km, south of the Equator. To the west lies the Great Rift Valley created by the tremendous tectonic forces which also created a string of […]

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Loihi Volcano: Hawaiian Volcanoes

Mount Loihi, also known as Loihi Seamount, is part of the Hawaiian volcanoes, the fifteen volcanoes that make up the islands of Hawaii. In Hawaiian, Loihi means long. The topmost peak is 3,000 feet, or 975 meters below sea level, but the summit is more than 10,000 ft., of 3,000 meters above the seafloor.. Mount […]

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Volcano Stem Project

The composite volcano sometimes known as stratovolcanoes are steep symmetrical cones that make up some of the most famous mountains for example Mount St. Helens, Mount Fuji and Mount Rainier. These volcanoes have formed over hundreds of thousands of years through multiple eruptions. Composite volcanoes are fed by a conduit system which taps into a […]

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Why this Volcano Eruption in the Philippines May be Especially Deadly

Author Heather Brady, is a producer for National Geographic. Her work has been in Slate, U.S. News and World Report, and NPR. She also has a master’s degree in journalism from Georgetown University. Summary Mount Mayon is well known for its perfect steep-sloped cone shape and for being the most active volcano in the Philippines […]

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Volcanic Eruptions Types of Volcanoes Associated Lava and Geology

What is a volcano? Volcanoes are planetary vents, that emit heated gases along with molten rocks and fragmented rock pieces. Eruptions can occur from these volcanic vents, causing strong displays of power within the planet as well as spewing out said rocks and gases. While majorly destructive, volcanoes are a necessary environmental occurrence, which allows […]

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Volcanic Eruptions

A volcanic eruptions are devastating events that cause mass destruction throughout our society. Volcanoes are made by lava and ash coming out of the ground and hardening. Then over time, it will create a volcano. Volcanoes kill 540 people each year(Fox News). Volcanoes can be caused by other natural disasters or pressure underneath earths surface […]

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Volcanoes: a Blessing or a Curse?

Volcanoes. You’ve heard of them; they’re big, scary, and just plain dangerous. But are volcanoes somehow beneficial for people and the environment? Little do many people know, volcanoes actually do less harm than good. Volcanoes, though it sounds crazy, actually benefit the environment a lot. The fiery lava that spews all over the place leaves […]

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Hot Spot: Volcano World

Every volcano that has ever existed on earth has an area that is called a hot spot. A hotspot is an area in the mantle where hear rises as a thermal cloud from deep in the Earth. Low pressure and high heat at the base of the tectonic plate make possible for the rock to […]

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The towering summits and unique topographical landscape of Hawaii are a direct result of the geological processes that created grandiose volcanoes. Hawaii Volcanoes National park is home to two awe-inspiring volcanoes: Mauna Loa and Kilauea. Both members of the park are not just active, they’re are recognized some to be some of the most active […]

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Volcano Eruptions

Volcanic eruptions can cause a lot of damage to both nearby areas and areas miles away from the eruption site. There are many different effects after an eruption that create a health hazard for both human and wildlife alike. When a volcano erupts it is very powerful and the effects of it can be felt […]

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What is a Volcano?

Volcanoes are mountains that have an opening where molten lava flows down from the side. Most of these volcanoes ruin villages. Volcanoes are usually active and most people who live near one don’t know it. People mostly die from volcanoes.Where volcanoes occur is magma that rises to the surface at the edges of the plates, […]

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Tephra Fall out and Lahar Flows in Concepcion Volcano Southwest Side of Lake Nicaragua

Introduction Concepcion volcano is known for it has the highest summit mountain in Nicaragua and it lies on Mexico and central America. So far, many historical records have shown that it is still counted as an highly active volcano. According to Global Volcanism program last eruption was observed in 2011 which has series of explosive […]

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