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Transportation Industry: Human Impact on the Environment

The Transportation industry is one of the leading emitters of greenhouse gasses and this is why the government is setting goals for them to reach on fuel efficiency, because the less fuel used is less harm on the environment. One of the big impacted on fuel consumption though is efficiency of each individual subsystem within […]

Pages: 2 Words: 507 Topics: Heat Transfer, Human Impact On The Environment, Nature, Ozone

Effects of Human Impact on the Environment

Pollution means the environment of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects. Basically it means how you treat your world. Like it’s up to us how we treat it because this is our world and if we treat it bad then we will get sick. Did you know that greenland ice is […]

Pages: 2 Words: 567 Topics: Heat Transfer, Human Impact On The Environment, Nature
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Study on Tesco Business Practices

Part (a) Temperature of air-conditioner and refrigerator Tesco will always control their temperature of air-conditioners and refrigerators in a suitable level. This action can avoid customers to feel uncomfortable about overheating or overcooling. This will also allow Tesco to save the extra electricity costs. Besides, Tesco supermarket is located in the most inner part of […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2834 Topics: Automation, Heat Transfer, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Temperature, Tesco

Application of Thermal Insulation in Buildings in Malaysia

1.2 – Problem Statement Energy saving in buildings has become a question of crucial importance in many countries. At the same time, the requirements for satisfactory indoor climate with low electricity consumption have increased which prompt the supply and demand for energy efficient homes. The battle against global warming shall start from home insulation to […]

Pages: 23 Words: 6789 Topics: Energy Conservation, Greenhouse Effect, Heat Transfer, Manufacturing, Nature
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