Stop the Rate of Deforestation

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I am very pleased to be here today for the opening of this Issue, we are here because we care about our life, our planate, our safety, our forest. We are here to stand against deforestation.

Deforestation means clearance and devastation of forests Approximation of (FAQ) record displays that annually we loss more than 12 million hectares of forests. It's really high percentage of losing rain forest which will decrease by 2050. Every species that lives in planet earth their live mostly depend in forests which is really important for many reasons, indicating many advantages for the plaint earth to provide oxygen to have the right climate to live also the act of deforestation threatens the earth in different ways which forest content only 2 percent of planet earth.

Forests has a significant amount of advantages for world wide and every species that lives within, containing important sources of food including fruit, grains, vegetables, nut and fishes. For example, In Amazon rain forests the amount of species of the fish are higher than entire Atlantic Ocean. Rain forests provide more than 22 % medical drug which is now being used around the globe in pharmaceutical companies as an active in fighting cancer and periwinkle which has reduced 70 percent of childhood leukemia. We don't want to destroy over lifesaving drugs which we could save thousands and thousands of people every day. Yet scientists discovered only some of the medical drug trees in rain forests for lifesaving purposes. By deforestation we lead to loss the drugs which could save lives every day.

Climate changes is also the outcome of deforestation. The carbon dioxide we produce ever day the tree is a characteristic "sink" for that, an ozone layer reducing element which indicate to rise the temperatures on earth. A forest is manly drained, more devotion of CO2 is existing to the environment and also the danger of dry season growths that we never whished for. The loss of freshwater can seriously affect human utilization, industry, and national security we never want that. As nations contest in less water which is the danger of worldwide fights raises.

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On the other hand, better forest managing decreases poverty by expanding in income, enhancing individuals' wellbeing, and giving them strategies to build security for natural resources. By giving the positive effect in forests for individuals in hardship, 3 regions we should focus in effective way, land tenure rights, successful governor indicating those rights and also the public ability to deal with natural resources.

Deforestation threatens Earth in multiple points of view that we can take control of it. The worldwide surface is only just covered just 2 percent however represent most of the world's biodiversity. Deforestation has encouraged to loss of 50 to 100 creature due to the current rate of deforestation. We want to stop the deforestation to prevent other species that lives in this planet, Further effect of cutting the trees is in our natural resources such as soil disintegration, water usage, fishing assurance, also fertilization. The poorest folks depend like those natural resources to survive, and destroying the trees influences to personal satisfaction. In long period of time the outcomes of cutting the trees integrate to falling in biodiversity and enormous raises of atmosphere changes, the two of which hover mankind. We can stop that by saving the rain forests that we are left within.

By Deforestation the natural environments and live-hood of individuals are being lost. Most Indigenous inhabitants social, cultural, medical also spiritual resolution innumerous depend of tropical rain forest. By looking back five hundred there was around 9 million indigenous individuals has been habited in Amazonian forest. Looking today the number of indigenous drops magnificently which is less than 250,000 who lives now due to the deforestation and also, it's the poorest nations which endure most of the noticeably bad results, we can save people lives by reforestation at any time.

A connection is between the decrease of cutting trees and a decrease in scarcity. The protection of the trees gives people extra wealth from natural resources, opportunities toward getting their occupation through best methods, greater wild life administration, and a growth within levels of the fire organization. While people obtain extra resources, people are more loath in rely upon forest for survival.

In conclusion the rate of deforestation has been declined, while the process of deforestation is still continuing. The FAQ reports display the losses of the trees was 8.9 million hectares annually, decreases to 7.3 million hectares every year. Contributing to this report is greater conservation efforts, reforestation of prevent forest also biodiversity. The permanency of the human kinds is mainly dependent on such efforts to stop the rate of deforestation. The durability of the human live is mainly relay on forests which we have to stop the act of deforestation.

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