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Forests are the world's air conditioning system the lungs of the planet, and we are on the verge of switching them off-Prince Charles. Deforestation is a big problem on Earth. We keep taking this natural, and clean oxygen supplier for granted. By killing the forests, we are destroying animal habitats, contributing to global warming, and reducing the oxygen supply on Earth.

Deforestation is a result of human activity such as logging, mining, agriculture, and urban sprawl. Indonesia has the highest deforestation rate in the world. Between 2000 and 2012 about 15 million acres of forest was destroyed in Indonesia. As a result, many species of animals that lived in this forest have lost their source of food and shelter. Some of these species have gone extinct. In places in the southern United states where forest was removed to build box stores, there have been deer, and wild hogs seen in the parking lots.

Global warming is another big consequence of deforestation. Trees help regulate the temperature in the atmosphere, and they also keep the soil cool a damp. Without the trees doing this the Earth will become a barren desert. Forest have a major role in taking the greenhouse gasses out of the Earth's atmosphere, this keeps the Earth's temperature under control. If we were to keep rapidly taking away trees the Earth will start to heat up faster. The summers will be even hotter and it would take longer for Earth to cool down.

The oxygen supply for all living and breathing beings are being taken away with the destruction to the forests. Trees create the fresh air we breath. When we exhale we are letting out the carbon dioxide (CO2). Those same trees are absorbing the Carbon and letting go of the clean Oxygen we breath. Even though trees aren't the main source of Oxygen they are still a big part of the worlds oxygen and carbon cycle.

Deforestation is destroying our Earth we need to save the place where we live, or we won't survive. As a whole we need to come together to keep the bulldozers out of the forests. The Earth was a gift that we are supposed to love and cherish not to destroy. The forests of the world are beautiful, as a whole let's keep it that way.



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