Brazil’s Amazonian Deforestation

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Intro – Brazil is one of the most diverse country with a lot of tourist coming to travel the beautiful rainforest with all the different kinds of monkeys and the big statue of Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro, also part of one of the seven wonders around the world.

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“Brazil’s Amazonian Deforestation”

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The small but big sight of Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries, big in movie use and other tourist use. Fun fact on the Brazilian culture is that they are football crazy(soccer), Brazil has taken home the Fifa World Cup five different times. The amazon rainforest in Brazil is under deep deforestation and has lost too many of its trees and vegetation. Brazil’s amazon rainforest covers 60% of the world’s largest rainforest. On the topic deforestation is now a big issue in the country for its rainforest. Losing its land and putting the environment to critical condition, states Brazil Institute in Environmental Concerns. Brazil once had the highest deforestation rate in the world, 2005 still had the largest rainforest removed. Since 1970, over 700,00 square kilometers of the Amazon rainforests have been destroyed. Momentum of the deforestation gained in 2017 due to the people creating fires for a land clearing tool. This could still be a problem through 2017-2018 for rising deforestation rates. Adding on to the issue there was a big surge of carbon emissions starting a vast of wildfires.

Brazil is on edge with a big threat, its amazon rain forests is being destroyed and could ruin the lives and habitats of the animals and species that are living in the rain forests, there’s students who can start buying sustainable rainforests products to help the deforestation.

Deforestation occurs for a wide variety of reasons that vary in different historical periods, locations, and phases of the process at any given location. Economic cycles, such as recessions and the ups and downs of commodity markets are one influence. The traditional economic logic, where people deforest to make a profit by producing products from agriculture and ranching is important but only a part of reason. Ulterior motives also drive deforestation. Land speculation is critical in many circumstances, where the increase in land value expands. Controlling deforestation requires addressing its multiple causes, these include sustainable logging and the use of green funds for expensive programs to reforest degraded lands rather than retain areas of remaining natural forests. Brazil’s Amazonian deforestation is important to life throughout the world, both human and nonhuman. The impacts of deforestation include losses of environmental services that though they affect whole world. Logging has increased since the slowdown began, rather than decreasing in parallel with the deforestation. Forest can be converted to non forest by extreme degradation rather than by clear-cutting. Degradation is becoming increasingly prevalent in Brazilian Amazonia and has not been affected by the forces that shifted deforestation rates to a lower plateau after 2004, states (Phillip).

In many parts of the world that were originally covered by tropical forests, deforestation has proceeded to the point where only tiny remnants remain in these areas.

To keep all the deforestation rate down, Trees are vital to life here on Earth, but they are also being destroyed at an alarming rate. So many of the choices us humans make throughout the day when we’re shopping, eating, or even driving, are powered by deforestation.

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