JUVENILE ADVENTURERS & Auro Adventure Educational Trekking & Adventure program @ Dalhousie (H. P. ) April/May 2010 Juvenile Adventurers & Auro Adventure is pleased to announce Adventure Camps at DALHOUSIE during summer vacation – 2010. During the camps various activities like Rock climbing, Bird watching, Star gazing, Slide-shows, River crossing, Map reading, painting, etc. are coordinated with trekking in such a way that makes these camps not only enjoyable but equally informative. Training is imparted to the participants by qualified & experienced mountaineers. The participants will have opportunity to interact with leading personalities of Indian mountaineering during the talk shows, slide shows, movie shows which shall be arranged during the camp. Evening campfires, after day’s hard work, is the time to learn about the extra skills that the other participants possess and to represent yourself! The hill resort of Dalhousie (7000 ft. 2150 m. ), situated on the main range of Dhauladhar, commands a panoramic view of the ice-covered Pir Panjal Range. It is surrounded by thick forests, and the treks through these forests and the slopes of the mountains are the most rewarding. We are pleased to announce a Seven-day trekking/training programme for the interested and young in spirit. PROGRAMME OUTLINE Day 1: Reporting at Dalhousie, room allotment, brief orientation, dinner and rest. Day 2 to 6: Trekking during the day to the deep forests and high mountains, training/techniques of walking/climbing in the mountains, rock climbing, river crossing, talk, introduction to flora fauna of Himalaya, Ornithology Practical, slide show, adventure games, drawing-painting, creative writing, etc. in the evening and camp fire (at least once) during the camp. Visit to Kala Top Wildlife Sanctuary and Khajjiar, partly by vehicle and partly by trek. Day 7: Send off. Programme Details: Batch |Starting from Ahmadabad |Reporting at Dalhousie in the |Starting from Dalhousie in the |Reaching back at | | | |evening |Morning |Ahmadabad | |1st |20 April 2010 |21 April 2010 |27 April 2010 |28 April 2010 | |2nd |26 April 2010 |27 April 2010 |3 May 2010 |4 May 2010 | |3rd |2 May 2010 |3 May 2010 |9 May 2010 |10 May 2010 | |4th |8 May 2010 |9 May 2010 |15 May 2010 |16 May 2010 | |5th NRI | |28 May |4 June 2010 | | Ahmadabad to Pathankot & back by train No 9223 & 9224 Pathankot to Dalhousie & back by Bus. Charges & Coast • For 1st to 4th Batch: Rs. 7500/- per Adult Rs. 7000/- per Student. Registration fees Rs. 2000/- (Advance and Non refundable) [Cost includes travel expense i. e. Ahmadabad to Ahmadabad. However, participants will have to manage their food en route. ] • For NRI 5th Batch:400 US $ / per participants (All Advance) Note of caution: The organizers are experienced, qualified and ensure full safety in all activities. However, the organizers won’t be responsible for any mishap or accident. • The participants will get accommodation in hotel rooms with wall to wall carpet and 24hrs running hot water. If participants are coming with the family, the children will be accommodated separately with other children of their age in the same hotel premises. • All sessions of the camp would be compulsory for all participants. It’s an educational trekking camp wherein the participants may have to trek 8/10 kms per day in forests. • Menu for food will be decided by the organizers. Individual demands will not be entertained. The participants will get quality & healthy food according to the climate. ( Breakfast, Lunch, Tea & Dinner) • No age bar. All who are young in spirit may join. • Register before 29th January 2010. NOTES 1. Maximum 65 participants per batch. 2. Parents may join the camp along with their children. 3. A certificate of participation will be awarded to each participant. 4. It will be possible to contact the participants on phone in late evenings or early mornings. Participants can also make calls from the STD booth in the hotel premises. 5. Temperature in Dalhousie during the programme may be around 18-27° during the day and 10-16° during nights. 6. Day-to day programme may change in case of bad weather or due to unforeseen circumstances. Dalhousie.. the gift of Lord to Himachal Pradesh Thick forests, wildlife tranquil ambience and refreshing views of the far mountains draped in snow. Dalhousie is an enchanting little town with a colonial hangover. Its lush forests of pine, cedar and deodar attract nature-lovers, along with the usual throng of tourists seeking shelter from the sweltering heat of the plains. Set on five hills and facing the Pir Panjal range, one can view the Ravi, Beas and Chenab rivers from certain vantage points. Fold after fold of mountains, snow-capped and pristine, can be viewed from the jagged Pangi Valley, which is a trekker’s paradise. Whether claims that Rabindranath Tagore penned his first poem here or Subhash Chandra Bose visited it secretly, hold good or not, Dalhousie’s spectacular landscape sure warrants a visit! Location: Dalhousie is a sleepy little place along the Dhauladhar Range in Himachal Pradesh, 80 kms from Pathankot at an altitude that varies between 5,000 and 7800 feet. Climate: Summers are fairly pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 12? C to 25? C . Winters are extremely cold, with temperatures dipping as low as 2? C to 10? C. Things to be carried: Jeans Pants, T-Shirts, Shirts, Socks, Hand gloves, Windproof Jacket, Handkerchief, Ruck Sack, Day Pack, Toilet Kit, First Aid, Medicines, Water Bottle, Torch, Extra cell, Raincoat/Ponchos, Camera, Binocular, Goggle, Sun cap, I-card, Sleeper. No Liquor. No Smoking Contact: Surendra Gohil: 9978970073 (V V Nagar) Nikhil Mori: 9426332003 (Baroda) Kiran Chavda: 09414152270 / 9929322870 (Mt. Abu) *** surendragohil@gmail. com Nikhil. mori@gmail. com kiran. chaula@gmail. com / Kiran@auroadventure. com ———————– Contact: Kiran Chavda : 09414152270 Nikhil Mori : 9427239035 Surendra Gohil : 9427239008 *** juvenileadventurers@gmail. com Educational Trekking & Adventure program *** May 2008 JUVENILE ADVENTURERS JUVENILE ADVENTURERS

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