A Single Parent Home: the Effects on Juveniles

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Single parent homes seem to have a negative connotation associated with them. This paper will give statistics and the different outcomes of juveniles from single parent homes. Many of them wind up as delinquents with other problems. This paper will give insight to the very real problems these juveniles endure daily. Hopefully this paper will help people realize the troubles that these juveniles face. (Dauna)

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“A Single Parent Home: the Effects on Juveniles”

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Family Structures

There are many types of family structures. Some of these include a nuclear family, a single family, and an extended family. Nuclear families are traditional with two parents and children. Single parent families have only one parent raising the children. Lastly, the extended family consists of two or more related adults raising the children together. (Blessing) A properly defined family consists of two parents, no violence, and open communication. Children that grow up with only one parent or with divorced parents are more likely to have behavioral problems. (Juvenile Delinquency and Family Structure) (Dauna)

What Life is Like

A broken home, or a single parent home normally has a lower income than usual. It is a fact that juveniles from a lower income single parent family commit more crimes than middle and high-class families. (Green essay) It is easy for young people to go astray when there is discourse in the family. Juvenile delinquency is taking a large toll on American society today. (no bullying) (Taylor)

Juveniles in Broken Homes

Juveniles from single parent homes are more likely to experience violence, commit suicide, and become drug dependent. They also have lower grades in school. (lib.post) Juveniles in single parent homes have a higher chance of running away and dropping out of school. (fatherless generation) 71% of high school dropouts are from a fatherless home. (FG) Teens that belong to broken homes, often find it hard to focus on studies or pursue higher education. (FG) (Dauna)

Without Both Parents

In most single parent homes, the mother raises the children. Children learn how to become adults by watching their parents. That concludes that male juveniles in a home without a father do not mature the way they should. Because of that, they often overreact by asserting masculinity through delinquent behaviors. (jrank.org) Most of the time the single parent is working a lot and that leads to lack of communication and low social and moral training. (secureteen) (Taylor)

Juvenile Mentality

Juveniles sometimes have low self-esteem and low self-confidence. This can lead them to break the law to boost their self-esteem. The lack of finances can cause them to do unlawful things to make money. The lack of social and moral values could lead them to become selfish and arrogant. Ultimately, the juvenile will have no respect, especially to the law of the state. (dauna)

(secureteen) About 85% of children in a single parent home show behavior disorders. (FG) About 63% of youth suicides come from fatherless homes. (FG) In America alone, thousands of juveniles commit suicide each year. Suicide is the leading cause of juvenile death. (aacap) (Taylor)

Their Future

Juvenile crime and lack of parental guidance can completely alter the course of a juvenile’s life. There could also be serious repercussions for the parent. Juvenile delinquents are sent to a detention center that does nothing for them. Instead of helping these juveniles turn their lives around, they only house them with other juvenile delinquents. Having a juvenile record can also affect the teens ability to get a job or go to college. (no bullying) Coming out of these centers with nowhere to go and running away causes a huge problem with juveniles being homeless. The national runaway switchboard estimates that there are about 1.3 million homeless youth in the Unites States. Approximately 90 % of the juveniles that run away and end up homeless come from a single parent home. (FG)

Suicide, running away from home, drug use, and crimes committed by juveniles aren’t always in single parent homes but, the fact remains that it is more likely to happen in single parent homes. Juveniles in America are broken and damaged. There should be a way that the world could reach out and help these teenagers that are facing a hard life and death. The things they go through daily aren’t even noticed. The crimes committed, and behavior are a scream for help. Hopefully, sometime soon, their screams will be heard. (Dauna)


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A Single Parent Home: The Effects On Juveniles

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