British Brand Durex

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Durex is an established British brand manufacturing by SSL International. The name Durex refers to the short terms of “Durability, Reliability and Excellence. ” (Durex, 2010) Durex aims to be highly innovation and socially responsible which have made Durex the world’s No 1 condom manufacturer. The company is the leader of the market in more than 40 countries and recognized internationally as a premium condom brand in terms of quality, safety and reliability. For Durex vision, it concerns on both quality and innovation. Durex, 2010) Durex has a serious and complex process in testing their condom samples. If one of the samples does not meet the standard, the whole batch of 432 thousands of condoms will be disposed. With that, it guarantees each of the condoms they sold is reliable and remains the best quality. (Durex, 2010) In addition, they frequently make product testing and undertake various researches in order to improve their products and explore new product area through understanding the new trend of customer behaviors. Durex, 2010) Sexual Wellbeing Survey is one of the methods they use to understand customers needs and values. (Durex, 2010) Durex has a variety range of condoms that are not only aims to provide protection against STIs and unwanted pregnancies, but also provide a more enhanced sexual experience. Thus, the company’s primary audiences are aged 18 to 35 on the basis of they have different sexual needs and the sexual behavior is high. The target market was chosen based on few segmentation bases. In assessing target audience media consumption, consumer aged in the 18 to 35 would be able to be reached most effectively through print media on magazine and websites. 40 to 53. 2 % of this aged group is enjoying buying magazines (Asteroid, 2008). The reason of using magazine and website is because they have the greatest reach, highest impacts, with low cost. Besides, more than 35 % of this aged group would use coupons found in magazines or on packets (Asteroid, 2008). Thus, Durex could distribute cash coupons to them with the magazines to increase sales. According to Asteroid, of all the population in Australia, 56% are aged between 16 to 35 years old. In Australia, only 6% (200,000) of the Australian married women who are within the reproductive age use condoms for contraceptive. (Population report, 1999) Through the statics, it shows that customers with married status prefer not to use condom during their sex act in Australia. Base on the statistics, consumer age 20 to 35 singles or couples would be a better target market. Consumers who aged 20 to 24 have 25. 7% are partner and no children; consumers aged 25 to 29 who are singles and couples are 36. % (Asteroid, 2008). They are all well educated and usually earn high incomes in professional, white collar which have understanding and knowledge on using condom. They are living in cosmopolitan lifestyle with very active social lives. 57. 7 of consumer who aged 20 to 34 are more likely to be in the AB quintile (Asteroid, 2008). According to Asteroid, it indicated that for women lifestyle magazines, Cleo and Cosmopolitan would appeal the most. For men lifestyle magazine, Men Health and men style would appeal the most. Television advertising promoting the brand, place advertisement within the 9:30 to midnight period would be most common amongst this particular age group. On the attitude basis, 50 to 60% of target audiences agree to the statement of “I trust well known brands better than the stores’ own. ” And “I have favorite brands for most things I buy and I trend to stick to them” which indicate that target audiences are more likely to stick to Durex since it have a strong well known brand image. Also, 78. 4% believed that quality was more important than price (Asteroid, 2008). Although Durex becomes one of the biggest condom brands in the world with 73% market share, it grows even bigger recently. (Popsop, 2008) Durex starts to reposition their brand image with extra elements, joy. (Popsop, 2008) Through the introduction of the sex toys and new condoms as well as the new product line, Durex play, the sales has further increased by 10% and the global market share has increase 30% in US and Eastern Europe. (The Independent business, 2005) In addition, it remains the no 1 in 8 countries and no 2 in 5 countries. (The independent, 2005)

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